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      Professional astrologers will acquaint you with the laws of the stars, their influence on life in its various areas and 12 chinese zodiac sign as well. If you ask where can i read my daily horoscope for free? Here you will always find your predictions for today, free weekly predictions and chinese astrology dates for explanation of zodiac signs: the influence of the planets and their combinations, a detailed chinese calendar astrology of good days and a compatible horoscope signs of health and beauty. link
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Chinese astrological signs:

The dog - fairness and devotion. The metal dog - 1910 & 1970, the water dog - 1922 & 1982, the wood dog - 1934 & 1994, the fire dog - 1946 & 2006 & 2018, the earth dog - 1958 & 2018.

Dragons are smart, open, intelligent people. The metal dragon - 1940 & 2000, the water dragon - 1952 & 2012, the wood dragon - 1904 & 1964, the fire dragon - 1916 & 1976, the earth dragon - 1928 & 1988.

Horse - Gregarious, fair and loyal. The metal horse 1930 & 1990, the water horse 1942 & 2002, the wood horse 1954 & 2014, the fire horse 1906 & 1966, the earth horse 1918 & 1978.

Monkey - This is the most unbalanced character of all the characters. The metal monkey 1920 & 1980, the water monkey 1932 & 1992, wood monkey 1944 & 2004, the fire monkey 1956 & 2016, the earth monkey 1908 & 1968.

Ox is patient and slow, balanced, accurate and methodical. The metal ox 1901 & 1961, the water ox 1913 & 1973, the wood ox 1925 & 1985, the fire ox 1937 & 1997, the earth ox 1949 & 2009.

Pig has knight's character. The metal pig 1911 & 1971, the water pig 1923 & 1983, the wood pig 1935 & 1995, the fire pig 1947 & 2007, the earth pig 1959 & 2019.

Rabbit - calm and creative.. The metal rabbit 1951 & 2011, the water rabbit 1903 & 1963, the wood rabbit 1915 & 1975, the fire rabbit 1927 & 1987, the earth rabbit 1939 & 1999.

Ram (Goat, Lamb, Sheep) is elegant, artistic, amorous by nature. The metal sheep 1931 & 1991, the water sheep 1943 & 2003, the wood sheep 1955 & 2015, the fire sheep 1907 & 1967, the earth sheep 1919 & 1979.

Rat is born under the sign of charm and aggressiveness. The metal rat 1900 & 1960, the water rat 1912 & 1972, the wood rat 1924 & 1984, the fire rat 1936 & 1996, the earth rat 1948 & 2008.

Rooster did not mince words and takes a sharp and aggressive. The metal rooster 1921 & 1981, the water rooster 1933 & 1993, the wood rooster 194s & 2005, the fire rooster 1957 & 2017, the earth rooster 1909 & 1969.

Snake is sentimental and pleasant has a sense of humor. The metal snake 1941 & 2001, the water snake 1953 & 2013, the wood snake 1905 & 1965, the fire snake 1917 & 1977, the earth snake 1929 & 1989.

Tiger is undisciplined. The metal tiger 1950 & 2010, the water tiger 1902 & 1962, the wood tiger 1914 & 1974, the fire tiger 1926 & 1986, the earth tiger 1938 & 1998.

12 Signs of the zodiac explained:
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Air: Aquarius - the last air sign of the zodiac. Aquarians very resourceful: under this constellation was born the most famous inventors and innovators. The symbol of sign is wood.

Water: Pisces - the last water sign of the Zodiac. They are the most complex and controversial features of the previous two water signs - Scorpio and Cancer.

Fire: Aries - the first fire sign of the zodiac. Children of the constellation of Aries are temperamental, hot-tempered and unbridled.

Earth: Taurus - the first earth sign of the zodiac. This is manifested in practicality, moderation, patience, endurance this a person born under the sign of Taurus.

Air: Gemini - the first air sign of the zodiac. A person born under the sign of Gemini, are often restless, nervous and emotionally unstable.

Water: Cancer - the first water sign of the Zodiac. People born under this constellation like to dream, love of occult knowledge. The symbol of sign is metal.

Fire: Leo - the second fire sign of the Zodiac. Lions seek power for leadership, subjecting all their own.

Earth: Virgo - the second earth sign of the Zodiac. Mercury gave the people born under the constellation Virgo, a sharp analytical mind and practical sagacity.

Air: Libra - the second air sign of the zodiac. A person born under the sign of Libra, have distinct aesthetic tendencies: the development of artistic taste, the ability of different kinds of artistic creativity.

Water: Scorpio - the second water sign of the Zodiac. People born under the constellation of Scorpius - the most complex and contradictory nature of Zodiac.

Fire: Sagittarius - the last fire sign of the zodiac. Sagittarius - honest and exceedingly energetic people.

Earth: Capricorn - Earth's Last sign of the zodiac. Capricorns are practical, cautious, serious and have a strong character.

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