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Compatibility reports with: Libra, Taurus, Aries, Virgo, Leo, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Pisces.
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Aquarius compatibility with the various zodiac signs

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      Compatibility with Aries: They will not be bored in the bedroom. Possible difficulties, if any of them try to make another do something, because no one is able to tolerate the dominant partner. Both are inventive in sex and are compatible in other areas. Strong Aries will become a leader. It is excellent opportunities for relationships and for more long-term relationships.

      Compatibility with Taurus: Passionate, extremely sexy Taurus does not share the approach of Aquarius to have sex. Taurus does not want another; he is looking for a partner, while Aquarius is inclined to make a friend from a sexual partner. Aquarius is too busy with social activities, to arrange homebody Taurus. Constant fights with people who have a strong will and uncompromising are cheerless prospect.

      Compatibility with Gemini: Probably, Aquarius is able to subordinate Gemini. The bedroom will be many pleasant and very little pressure or passion. Excited and volatile Gemini responds well to the constant influence of Aquarius. If the Gemini is interested in activities outside the house of Aquarius, they will be doing it together. It is interesting relationship, a charming marriage.

      Compatibility with Cancer: Emotional Cancer annoying Aquarius that attaches too much importance to sex. Aquarius prefers less hot passion and a more careful attitude to each other. Over time, Aquarius feels cut off from the world and will negatively relate to the constant, contagious cancer. Offended cancer is angry and feels unnecessary. Because a lot of difficulties. There are a lot of problems in marriage.

      Compatibility with Leo: It may happen; God knows what, though for a while it looks promising. The main problem: Leo is more interested in the physical side of relationships, and Aquarius - the spiritual. Aquarius is not in a position to offer a sexual Leo worship which he requires. Both are independent. Aquarius sweep aside all attempts to dominate the Leos. Excitable sexually, they can not withstand long-term relationships.

      Compatibility with Virgo: Between them there is no strong sexual attraction. Both are interested in the spiritual side to a large extent. There will be no special excitement or initiatives erotic stimulation. Sober, practical Virgo tends to criticize the generosity of Aquarius. Silent relationship quickly turned the. Marriage is possible only if two find common interests outside the bedroom.

      Compatibility with Libra: Both are sensitive, sexy creations. Propensity of Libra to erotic games is just what needed to attract the Aquarius to engage in sex. Both are willing to fulfill the requirements of each other. Both are like a luxury; enjoy art, music and freely spending money. Nice relation and extraordinarily happy marriage.

      Compatibility with Scorpio: Scorpio is so jealous that Aquarius is simply unable to put up with it. Aquarius is obviously indifferent to sex, and Scorpio’s aggressiveness can turn sadism. It is rather naturally. Aquarius starts looking for happiness outside the home, away from the Scorpion. It is short relationship and marriage as well.

      Compatibility with Sagittarius: Both are unpredictable, active and cheerful. They have a good time in bed. They have a wide sexual interests, vivid imagination and full of fantasy. Both love to be in society, outside the home themselves interesting people, not suffering from feelings of jealousy. They are excellent partners for a short and a long time.

      Compatibility with Capricorn: Bad compatible sexually. Capricorn finds Aquarius cold and indifferent. Aquarius does not understand the provincial, practical Capricorn - the owner. Relationship can begin, but will soon be over nothing.

      Compatibility with Aquarius: Very compatible. Both are innovative in love; spiritually and physically stimulate each other before, during and after intercourse. Sexually satisfy each other. However, there are no deep feelings. Both are too rational, reasonable and moderate. There are a lot of interests outside of one another's company. Nice communication, reliable marriage.

      Compatibility with Pisces: Sexual intimacy turns in war with the elements of melodrama. Sensitive Pisces are very dependent on the Aquarius and constantly demand proof of his love. Aquarius feels bound. Relationships may at first seem are promising, but it is not true.


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