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Aquarius Horoscope - Personality Profile

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January 10 - February 18. Stones: amethyst, garnet.
Characteristic of sign: The eleventh sign of the Zodiac.
Colors: blue-green, violet, ultramarine.
Astrological symbol: Aquarius. Planet: Uranus.
Lucky number: 4, and all numbers divisible by 4.

Characteristics of Aquarius

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      Aquarius - symbolized sing a man who pouring water (who gives). People of this sign are trying to improve humanity. They "pour their" personality in the world and usually reap the benefits: fame, wealth and a deep sense of belonging, which is usually rewarded.
       Aquarius has a triple force, astrologically speaking, it is practically unbeatable. First, because the air sign of Aquarius has a strong mind, and secondly, it is constant sign: and these people have the perseverance and tenacity, and thirdly, because the ruling planet, their life free from petty worldly affairs, which so interfere in daily life. It is not surprising that so many famous people were born under this sign.
       Distinctive features are originality and self-expression. Unable to get Aquarius to speak and not do as they want, regardless of the consequences. In fact, Aquarius is a synonym for self-expression.

Aquarius Traits

Positive features:
      Aquarius is a kind, soft sign, ready to help. They were particularly pleased when they are being contacted for advice and they are one of the best advisers. They are modest and rarely try to gain an advantage over their comrades.
       They are very faithful in love and loyal to the spiritual, but always a bit reserved and do not like to show their emotions.
       Uranium - a powerful friend of Aquarius and often influences the choice of his profession, in general, Aquarius is a positive sign, 80% of famous people born under this sign. Since Aquarius is ruled by the house of friendship.

Negative features:
       The main threat to the success of Aquarius - his tendency to spend their ability to attempt to occupy a prominent position in society, they are very much about the future, but not always their ideas become reality.
      Because of their desire to do anything he wants, despite the consequences or the opinions of others, people will judge them on appearance and not be able to see their honesty and other virtues.

Characteristics profile of a man (personality traits):
      Aquarius man is an active, sociable, communicative, independent, intelligent, idealistic. He is always possible to rely on: his loyalty is no doubt. By nature he does not tolerate hypocrisy in others. He is very open.

Traits and characteristics of a woman (personality profile):
      Aquarius woman`s - they are bright and cheerful, graceful and attractive, airy and beautiful creatures at the same time and they are serious about life, and tend to be fleeting, casual love affairs, and adventurous outrages. They help others, not waiting until they so request, clearly catching the moment when it becomes absolutely necessary.

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