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Aquarius Love Horoscope

      Emotionally, Aquarius revealed complex, their sensitive merges with own imagination. They love to dream about an unusual especially in youth, surrounded by a mystical aura of the object of love, often untrue, in other words, they often idealize chosen, then become disillusioned and give up love in the name of friendship. Some stop at a "relative" happiness, in which the old sentimental traits play a subordinate role.
       Others hide their inner vulnerability under a layer of ice, mixed with brilliant hard, some may even become cynical, detached, deliberately unpleasant, but it happens rarely. Thirst for prestige - it is a trap for Aquarius.

       The idea that they can easily hurt life, especially love, is an illusion. Passion can pass through them, but not destroy the heart. It can stimulate, but rarely leads to where they want to go. They always return to the purity of its source - the friendship and affection elected.
       They are rarely concerned about hate, even more than Gemini and Libra, want to be free. For them unbearable relationship, when they are "a bird in a cage." Aquarians rarely wear wedding rings. If they are enslaved relationship, then think only about the release, which is prepared in silence.
       Aquarius has the highest divorce rate. They give themselves to a company than one person. They can give more stranger than a family member. Women may be intractable in matters of love, do not pay attention to public opinion, religion, nationality. Like men, they want freedom. They are extremely feminine and sensitive.

       If a man they disappoint the eagerness of their reduced and may disappear altogether, but if he tries to restore the good opinion of himself, a woman will do everything possible to help him, not yet erect it on a pedestal. The lesson for the Aquarius: Do not sacrifice love for the sake of friendship. For marriage, friendship and cooperation Aquarians need to look for Libra, Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Gemini. Avoid Taurus and Scorpio.

Aquarius Man in Love

      Man in love is usually an idealist and more interested in high matters than novels. The love is faithful and constant, usually a partygoer. With him is in good company. He has friends of different levels of development and position in society. Companions choose carefully, requests are high. They like a strong spirit of people. Aquarius is usually developed multilaterally, is an interesting and multifaceted life. For him, love is never only relief. It is easy to come to a compromise, not jealous. They need companions of life.
      In most cases, Aquarians are happy in their personal lives. Marry, despite some volatility in the affairs of the heart. Aquarius initiates new things, so they are looking for new and interesting people, all want to touch and for all to touch. They encourage diversity in sex. They like to change partners, but for them it is not sexual immorality. As a sign of Aquarius concluded an internal conflict because he wants to sign a permanent and strengthened its status quo, on the other hand, he longs for change. Therefore, they are often in conflict in different ways. They vary on the marriage, and not get married so much - as possible.

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