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Aries Horoscope - Personality Profile

March 21 - April 20. Planet: Mars. Astrological symbol: sheep.
Characteristics of the zodiac sign: The first sign of the Zodiac.
Lucky number: 9 and all numbers divisible by 9.
Stones: aquamarine, diamond, amethyst.
Colors: red, golden yellow, crimson, and all the brilliant colors.

Characteristics of Aries

      A distinctive feature is their ability to go further (to pass some things). Even when they are offended and angry, they are quickly forgotten the next day. Being rejected (in a business atmosphere and love), they rarely spend time thinking, and quickly rushing to be accepted somewhere else.
      Aries loves to be in the company and happy evenings. Usually they are good master of the house.

Aries Traits

Positive features:
      This is a charming zodiac sign. Real friend who shall put a finish business to the end. They sympathize with and take care for and make visible their care, remember all the birthdays and give flowers.
Negative features:
       Relentless energy of the ruling planet Mars have on the negative influence on Aries, often allows them to squander his efforts and opportunities dissipate energy. Aries - a classic example of Stefan Lecoq, who jumped on his horse and rode in all directions at once.
       Aries are too impulsive; they should count to 10 before making any decision.

Characteristics profile of a man (personality traits):
      Aries man is witty, extravagant, generous, passionate and sexy. He has a wonderful sense of humor. He always strive for something brand new, routine does not appeal to him. It seeks to experience everything in life. Women fall in love at first sight. He likes attractive and mysterious women.
      Aries man attracts physical beauty and reputation of potential wife. Aries refers to the elements of Fire. The man, who belongs to this element, can not sit still, because it is raging passion and unbridled energy. However, he is a very charming, it's a positive expression of poured on others and gives them the inner sympathy.

Traits and characteristics of a woman (personality profile):
      Aries woman is very stubborn nature in regard to its principles, which it must be unwavering. Aries woman is able to present herself in a male society, attract attention and tends to choose the man herself. In private life often manifests selfishness, but not because of a capricious nature, just finding the "perfect man" it tends to try to remake their partners under this ideal.
       Her erotic is slightly pedantic, because this woman is behaving in accordance with its stable conception of sex. She does not like to obey even in bed, though she needs a strong and domineering partner. Full enjoyment of proximity is it her goal, she has an inexhaustible vitality and ability to deliver genuine pleasure to men.

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