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Birthday Horoscope

      Horoscope by date of birth is Numerology (prediction by numbers) - area of knowledge, originated in ancient times. Many people seem to know the opinion of ancient Greek scholar philosopher Pythagoras: "All things can be represented as numbers."
      Astrologers say that each number corresponds to a certain planet. And even the sequence of letters in a name, not to mention the date of birth, one way or another affect the destiny of man. By the numbers horoscopes, predicting the future of man, and predicted the main trends in the fate of people.

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      Proposed numerological horoscope is built on the principle according to character traits, future on the number of the day when man was born. This birthday horoscope gives the reader an idea of what lies beyond the mind and actions of people.
      Hidden quality is often the key to many inexplicable actions, so knowledge of what man can do in certain circumstances, can prevent hasty and wrong actions. Some of you reading this article might think that much of what was said in it apply to you. So people can say: "The exceptions prove the rule."

      Birthday horoscope, like all others, based on general observations, and in specific cases, it does not have to exactly match what you see in yourself. This does not mean that the numerological analysis of incorrect or correct your observations. There are many people who, through self-observation were able to detect their shortcomings and to overcome them with determination of will.
      For such people numerological horoscope may be inaccurate because they changed their character for the better. To obtain a more accurate picture of his character, psychological traits and major trends of their own destiny, it was also to explore the palm.

      Anyone who was born on the day designated by two numbers, from 10 to 31, except the text relating to his birthday, it should be for the greater completeness of its characteristics also apply to the text relating to individual numbers contained in the double number.
      For example, you were born at 12. In addition to text the number 12 makes sense to figure out what features of your character and tendencies of your destiny determined figures 1 and 2 and their sum is 3.


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