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Cancer Horoscope - Personality Profile

June 21 - July 22. Astrological symbol: Cancer.
Characteristics of the zodiac sign: The fourth sign of the Zodiac.
Planet: Moon. Stones: moonstone, opal, crystal.
Lucky number: Lucky number: 2 and all numbers divisible by two.
Colors: silver, lavender, pale orange, the color of green peas.

Characteristics of Cancer

      Cancer is very shy and afraid of rejection more than all the other zodiac signs.
       However, they are ambitious, almost like a Capricorn, and their opposite. But, unlike Capricorn, their path to success is like in their character. They are slow, the inches are moving toward what they want to have, then, in the most unexpected moment, they capture their prey and, just like cancer, tightly holding her and would not let go.

Cancer Traits

Positive features:
      Despite the fact that Cancers are very nervous (negative type), a positive type has many virtues: father's or mother's patronizing attitude toward people, leadership in risky deeds and great perseverance. Above all, they have an asset that helps them to overcome their negative features - patience. Cancers can be extremely frugal, prudent and industrious.

Negative features:
      Cancer - are the victims of anxiety and fear. They should overcome the limitations that they pose to themselves. They should not live in his past childhood, and have forced to act in accordance with their age. They must guard against abuse of alcohol and binge eating. They need to learn to endure the criticism and to stabilize their moods.
       But the main drawback - their inability to join in the conversation, if there is any opportunity to be defeated. They can not be "set over the wall", even if they are guilty of anything. They will continue to lie better than being paid for their sins.

Characteristics profile of a man (personality traits):
      Cancer man is idealist and dreamer, secretive, sentimental, sensual and truly gentle, considered the most sensitive and vulnerable around the zodiacal circle. Nobody knows who he is actually. He may seem unstable, but it is just his mood. As no one else he understands a woman's soul. Cancer man has a unique imagination, very romantic and very persistent.

Traits and characteristics of a woman (personality profile):
      Cancer woman - they have a special mentality, a great character and generous heart. You can talk about their romantic temperament, the sense of duty, up to the sacrifice, the sentimental inclinations, and at the same time - about their distress associated with isolation from the real world.

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