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Cancer Love Horoscope

      Cancer is the most sensitive and emotionally vulnerable of all 12 characters. It can live the richest and most painful life. His success as an individual depends on whether he was able to solve the problem of the relationship with her mother, not to remain dependent on her. Most reject the physiological aspect of love.
       Therefore, this sign is easier for women, the critical problem of relations with the mother so that they themselves become mothers. Some of Taurus women can not break with family and remain old maids, or companions of parents. In his youth Cancers - romance, dream of ideal love. Their imagination go ahead of experience. Under the first drag on the first try of their sensitivity, depth of feeling makes them beautiful, gentle lovers. They are perfect in bed, but they need the emotional content of each sexual intercourse.
       They are waiting for the exclusive love, understanding, lethality, supporting, in response, they will give themselves wholly and surrounds partner affection. This romance may be tyrants, the owners, they are usually the first affected by the blow from the frustration and run from a hostile world, if possible, to the mother, or seek refuge in solitude. They hide desires, dreams of love is not available. Cancer men may be peaceful, calm and simple, but the love of their faithful and steadfast. Among those devotees are obtained husbands and fathers who live only for the family.
       Others may be capricious, tortured riddles for themselves, subtle and ambiguous. This kind goes from woman to woman in search of his idealized mother, or fall into a fatal irresponsible feeling. He may even commit suicide, or an object of love. Some find a woman experienced and older than himself, who knows how to identify their potential, mostly lyrical and philosophical talents. They do this through support for and appeasement and then return Cancer is great.
       Women also are divided into two types: charming, gentle, too shy, sometimes frigid, a little cocky women with children tantrum and women trying to hoist themselves on a pedestal, to instill a sense of the inaccessibility of love. The first type can voluntarily bring themselves to what will be only a sexual object, humble to slavery, and too my man, seeking in it the ideal father. These women - "hen", they are sometimes too watch over their children.
       As men as women tend to subordinate themselves entirely to his partner. They are ideal if you feel loved, and they are the most difficult, if not feel love, themselves living in this difficult and painful life. Their inner lives depend on their success as parents. It enriches them, but can be done and commonplace. The only sign, able to find common ground with everyone, but especially finds happiness with a Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces.

Cancer Man in Love

       If cancer put on your eye, then most likely, he gets his own way. Man in love is hot, and fall in love passionately, as the heroes of romance novels. They know how to look after.
       Man-Cancer, in love, tries to bring the process to apogee by the shortest route, i.e. literally from the first minute will experience a "bastion" for strength. Often women go to the closeness with a man in the hope that binds them to him. This is, in general, the illusion, but in the case of cancer it makes sense. Cancer are attached to your favorite through sex, but it (sex) must match its expectations.
       Do not rush him into bed. The whole rainbow of emotions associated with courtship, you will get a "before". Once you become the property of cancer, and he will tie you to him strongly. And then he will switch to new conquests, and you're history and the eternal waiting. That is why better to keep Cancer on their toes. He should be confident in you until the end.
       For cancer life is boring and empty without love. They love selflessly, completely surrendering feelings. Cancer is - the old-fashioned romance, dreams of ideal love. And so they remain for life they tend to exaggerate the dignity of those they love, and shortcomings of those who can not stand.

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