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Compatibility reports with: Virgo, Aquarius, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio, Libra, Pisces, Aries, Leo, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Taurus.
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Capricorn compatibility with the various zodiac signs

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      Compatibility with Aries: Both have a strong will, perseverance, determination; both do not make the vital mistakes. If you thought it was rather the situation for the battle than love, perhaps you're right. They are compatible in bed, but will argue about money, about who gets to make decisions about friends, career. It will be a little jealousy fuel to the fire. Relationship is good, but marriage is less likely.

      Compatibility with Taurus: Both are a homebody, value money; believe that security is a concern. In the Taurus has patience, and Capricorn is ready to operate for a common goal - the mutual pleasure. In sexual terms the couple could conceive anything - all realized. Capricorn's ambitions perfectly coincide with the purposefulness of Taurus. Excellent prospects in all respects.

      Compatibility with Gemini: Opposing sexual nature. The Gemini are impulsive and fate. Capricorn - slow, loyal, cautious. The initial attraction of opposites can not last long.

      Compatibility with Cancer: Cancer is a shy sexually, but Capricorn wants to take the lead. Most frankness on both sides at first will be useful. Any understanding that emerged in the bedroom, you will need to overcome other obstacles. They are the antithesis of Zodiac with all the ensuing consequences. Capricorn will be too demanding and dominating for sensitive Cancer. It will be short duration relationship.

      Compatibility with Leo: Leo believes that Capricorn is full of love and the squandering it sparingly. Capricorn is also not much of a partner for the Leo because of the unimaginative. Capricorn prefers more fire under the sheets. They are not very suited to each other physically; both are independent labels that tend to dominate outside the bedroom. During the relationship of these differences, however, may be negligible, but in a marriage - is unlikely.

      Compatibility with Virgo: Practicality Capricorn and accuracy of the Virgo are in perfect harmony. Possible misunderstanding of sexual violence, but otherwise they are so well understand each other, that probably is not their concern. Both are dependent, conservative, who understand - a good foundation for long-term alliance.

      Compatibility with Libra: The charm and sexual attraction at first attracted by Capricorn. However, in more familiar Libra seems to be too selfish and do not meet the physical needs of Capricorn. Not being able to express own feelings. Capricorn is looking for other partners. Relationship is not a simple one. Marriage is not complicated, only if there are no financial opportunities that meet Capricorn.

      Compatibility with Scorpio: Successful sexual relationships. Scorpio is more inventive, and Capricorn - methodical, but they are in this area are compatible, and success in the bedroom opens up great opportunities. Both have a strong will, but Scorpio is inclined to dominate. Capricorn realizes that Scorpio is a sense of ownership by virtue of his own love. Good relationship, successful marriages.

      Compatibility with Sagittarius: Capricorn likes to have sex in a comfortable atmosphere. Sagittarius is willing to devote to this even in the freshly dug grave. Capricorn is cautious and conservative and worried about security. Sagittarius is the player. He is extravagant and irresponsible. Sagittarius will be irritated by watching stingy and binding Capricorn. Not the best relationship. It is unsuccessful marriage.

      Compatibility with Capricorn: Their romantic life quickly becomes a routine. Possible success if both tend to receive less than originally hoped. None of the experiments did expand their horizons. On the other hand, both are hard working, serious, thrifty. Relationship and marriage may not be too happy, but can satisfy them.

      Compatibility with Aquarius: In the process, find out how quickly the novel becomes a friendship. In intimate matters difficult to cope with Aquarius. Aquarius prefers unorthodox sex, and Capricorn - the traditional. He is freedom-loving, resourceful. Aquarius can not long be in love in practical Capricorn. A satisfactory relationship and marriage will require efforts.

      Compatibility with Pisces: Pisces will try to inflate Capricorn, because it's in their nature, but the Capricorn is able to cope with this and take the lead in bed. Pisces will soon want to follow him. Pisces, in addition, loving and sincere and will make the happiness of Capricorn. These very different people complement each other emotionally. A good forecast for the relationship or more long-term relationships.


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