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čķņčģ šąįīņą äė’ äåāóųåź ā ģīńźāå

Capricorn Horoscope - Personality Profile

December 22 - January 19. Planet: Saturn.
Characteristics of the zodiac sign: The tenth sign of the Zodiac. Lucky number: 8 and all the numbers are divisible by 8.
Astrological symbol: goat. Stones: onyx, turquoise, crystal moon.
Colors: dark brown, black, ash-gray, pale yellow and blue.

Capricorn Characteristics

      Capricorns seem to be soft and gentle, but do not let to be deceived by their appearance. They are rarely satisfied with what other people consider success, and are determined to achieve something. Happiness Capricorn is hard work.
      They have great intuition, they have successfully shown in their struggle for independence and economic security. They like rules and the law. They protect the instructions and laws. They see reason supreme commandment, with excellent guided in practical life. Capricorn consistently go to the top, regardless of the obstacles. They are able to work hard and believe that the world is indebted to them for their work. They believe in themselves, realistically, very careful. They do not like depending on someone's location. Always find solutions, even for difficult problems. Capricorn are accurate and methodical in his work. It is believed that the household should be organized. Suitable for senior posts in the subordinate positions do not stay long.
      They climb the ladder of success, guided by ambition and desire for reliability. Capricorns love money, because it is a sign of longevity, and they are afraid of old age to become dependent.

Capricorn Traits

Positive features:
      People who born under this sign, unemotional, cautious, vigilant, have a strong personality that helps them to endure hardships of life.

Negative features:
      The most serious shortcoming of Capricorn - is their tendency to depression and melancholy. They dread the future. They must develop optimistic view of life to believe that tomorrow will be better than today and that everything will be fine.
      We can not forget about egoism of Capricorn, which can lead to suffering. In their struggle for their goals will be periods of discord and depression. But if they think that everything is in place, there are no changes, they should take heart: Saturn will help them. But this planet is moving so slowly that the Capricorn need to get used to its rhythm. He must also understand that the money is intended to spend, and that the biggest fear of Capricorn for the future is not justified. He should stop being so suspicious, it does not suit him, and stop the manifestation of his temperament and mood.

Characteristics profile of a men (personality traits):
      Capricorn man is industrious, cautious, restrained, thrifty, intelligent, methodical and prudent. His life is firmly based on the permanent structure and the strong values - material, social and spiritual. His main goal is to create a foundation for the relationship.

Traits and characteristics of a women (personality profile):
      Capricorn woman is the most correct lady of the zodiac. She always knows how to "be" and that "should" do. To succeed in everything is her true female vocation and to help is natural tenacity, patience and ability to take from life only important thing.

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