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Capricorn Love Horoscope

      Initially, Capricorns are alien to the people because of the distant connection with the instincts. They oppose the passion of fear of loss and suffering. They want a minimum of pleasure for a minimum of pain, but the mask of icy indifference may conceal the most painful passion, which are suppressed in order to avoid feelings of subordination. The investigation is failure of various forms.
      Some try to fill the inner emptiness thirst for power and collecting, others go into silence or nervous whims, and, sometimes, physically sick in the wilderness of selfishness and avarice.
       Others, agreeing with such a fate, unfortunately live in solitude, as if it was the indifference of the natural human condition, or pretend that they resigned themselves to fate and declaring his loneliness proof of their spiritual qualities, hiding his dogmatism and biliary corrosive under cover of false kindness.

       Many people can live a lonely life without love, to 40-50 years. Then they open up, submit to everything, which fought against and rejected, and given this entirely. Many Capricorn men are misogynist and remain an old bachelor.
       If they look at the woman, they are looking for honesty, reliability, completeness, usually among colleagues in his society. Most prefer a woman older than him, preferably with money, well, which would be quiet, well-maintained order and little spending. Do not allow the scandals are not getting divorced. His wife never finds out about his lady's heart. On the other hand, there is no better companion for a woman in old age than he. Capricorns women are sometimes very heartless.

       They hate their role as housewives prefer to make a career and achieve independence, than be carried away by a seductive novel; they often remain cold in the arms of a partner. For marriage they go because of financial and social reasons. Other Capricorns are quiet and attractive wives. If a lover Capricorn no luck, he can accept. Internal weapon he is the remoteness of instincts.

       Capricorns are suffering less than other signs. Emotionally, Capricorn should look for Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, is especially well commonwealth of scorpions. They avoid Gemini and Cancer.

Capricorn Man in Love

       Man in love is not too jealous. He will not try you, asking about previous partners. They are much more interesting to make people forget his favorite of the past. Success in everything - even in their sexual lives, he does not change their principles.

      In a youth, Capricorn is very reticent about sex; he prefers to think more about learning and about the profession. Like the people of the opposite sign - Cancer - Capricorn are shy, but for their calm exterior lies a strong passion. Their passion is not so open and free, like scorpions, and prudent and disguised. Capricorn Sexual impulses are not governed by them the subject of love. Capricorn - the earth sign, his desire is real and practical. In the second period of sexual life of Capricorn (say from 30 years), they usually achieve any success in business and then was more confident, they begin to experiment in the field of sex. Fearing that they might lose a lot of precious time, they try to catch up with their astrological brothers and sisters and really blossom.
      Capricorns men rarely have the tempting manners of Aries and sexual dynamism of Gemini. But they feel calm in the financial world; they know the value of money and people. And their love affairs they are from a position of money and power.

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