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Charity Report
Horoscope compatibility with zodiac signs: Dog, Tiger, Rooster, Horse, Snake, Ox, Rat, Pig, Rabbit, Sheep, Monkey. Astrological chinese horoscope.

Chinese Horoscopes - The Dragon

      People born in the Year of the Dragon, have courage, brave, excellent health. They are energetic, very sensitive, sometimes cutting and stubborn, willful and vindictive, but usually try to be fair. Everyone could rely on them, the Dragon's kind heart and he often allows others to take over a top. Dragon have extraordinary vitality, perfect health and boundless energy. But the dragon is very stubborn, easily excitable and often goes out of himself. Dragons are respected, because they usually have great influence in society, and careers of their most successful. But it happens that the word of dragon is often ahead of his thought. The dragon was not diplomatic, he was incapable of hypocrisy. He is sincere in his opinions, and views of his credibility.

Metal Dragon
1940, 2000
Water Dragon
1952, 2012
Wood Dragon
1904, 1964
Fire Dragon
1916, 1976
Earth Dragon
1928, 1988

Metal Dragon
# 8 February 1940 - 26 January 1941
# 5 February 2000 - 23 January 2001

      This is a bright personality with a very strong will. He is energetic, vain and not trying to be objective in his relations with others. Often harsh and, without hesitation, expresses all that thinking. If people do not agree with him or not willing to cooperate, he was not particularly upset, and happy on his own way. This person is usually high moral character, respected friends and colleagues.
       He really knows a lot about mass action. His life is full of enthusiasm and the dangers and challenges you to bypass the party. Wooden Dragon is not just "ideas generator", but a good practitioner, able to implement their ideas. He has an inquisitive mind and has a healthy meticulousness that allows it to be smart organizer. However, wooden dragon too late will meet a partner who would dearly love him. He tries not to offend anyone, so it is usually like. If he is challenged, he, like all dragons, without fear rushes into battle.

Water Dragon
# 27 January 1952 - 13 February 1953
# 23 January 2012 - 9 February 2013

      This dragon is available, friendly, with easy to deal with. He was witty and rarely misses a fortune from his hands. He is not as tolerant as other types of the Dragon, and more inclined to wait for the results than to require them immediately. He understood human weaknesses inherent willingness to share with family and friends our thoughts. The main disadvantage is the tendency to jump from one to another, not the ability to concentrate on a single goal. He has a poorly developed sense of humor, but he is a great orator.
       He always knows how to take advantage of any situation in which it appears. His life is full of enthusiasm, and old age will be quiet and calm. Water Dragon is easy to communicate frankly with friends, attentive to their problems. In the careful and patient, capable of monotonous work, but not for long: it brings an inability to concentrate on a single goal. He is too optimistic and sometimes does not notice the obvious. Optimism prevents them from objectively assess the situation. They need to learn to understand what is feasible and what is not, and, on this basis, to decide.

Wood Dragon
# 16 February 1904 - 3 February 1905
# 13 February 1964 - 1 February 1965

      Wooden Dragon is practical and inquisitive; he loves to go into all the details of the case and often throws up interesting ideas. He is not only a theoretician but also practices that can make virtually all their dreams. He was more tactful than the other Dragons, has a good sense of humor and is a born businessman, is often generous and magnanimous.

Fire Dragon
# 3 February 1916 - 22 January 1917
# 31 January 1976 - 17 February 1977

      This dragon is ambitious, precise and trying to succeed. He is - hard-working employee, who was respected for his straightforwardness and honesty. He has a strong will and leadership instincts, but sometimes relies only on his opinions and does not take into account the feelings of other thoughts. Closure, typical of fire dragons, very hampered him in life, and it will only benefit if it will devote to others in their plans. Fire Dragons usually enjoys music and art.
       His partner is likely to be an outstanding personality and outstanding. When the time comes, Fire Dragon becomes rich and happy. Assistance from anybody is completely useless, because he is perfect and can handle everything. Fire Dragon is industrious and honest, has the makings of a leader, but too much isolation and relying only on their own reasoning does not allow to realize these credentials. They are hot-tempered, so if you do not need no amenities, better not disturb them.

Earth Dragon
# 23 January 1928 - 9 February 1929
# 17 February 1988 - 5 February 1989

      The earth dragon is a bit more calm and balanced than other types of dragon, has very wide interests and is always aware of what is happening around. He has set clear goals, and he is usually no problem in obtaining material or moral support.
       He's an excellent businessman and financier, and usually knocking together a decent condition. Earth Dragons are sometimes obtained sensible organizers. The earth dragon can easily find all the common language, has many friends.

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Dragon Compatibility

Compatibility with Rat:
       Relationship is very good. There is real understanding - and the spiritual, and emotional. Rat for the Dragon is always helpful and he will be forever grateful and thankful. There is neither conflict nor confrontation.

Compatibility with Ox:
       It is full futility. Marriage is unstable because of the eternal struggle for power and too much stubbornness of both partners. True, Ox often admired the charm of the Dragon, and Dragon attracts practicality ox, but living together is not enough.

Compatibility with Tiger:
       Relationship is problematic because of the eternal conflict and confrontation. There will be neither peace nor tranquility.

Compatibility with Rabbit:
       It is variant although problematic, but possible, often even not bad. Secular quality of Rabbit, his diplomacy brings great benefit to a dragon, as well as peace and tranquility in the home and family.

Compatibility with Dragon:
       There will be a real colorful fireworks, which sparks are two outstanding intellect. Here the genius of one partner often encourages large eccentricity of the other. Often there is a spiritual and emotional intimacy.

Compatibility with Snake:
       This combination is just awesome. Dragon is always proud and delighted with the charm and beauty of snakes, even if her charms extend not only to him alone. Happiness and longevity of this marriage depends mainly on the wisdom and cunning snake.

Compatibility with Horse:
       Marriage is problematic, no promise. Here there is too a big difference in the characters and manners. The horse is too big individualist and selfish.

Compatibility with Sheep:
       It is not very reliable. Sheep under the wings of the Dragon can be even happier, but with his selfishness and lack of reliability can not bestow his partner. On the contrary, in many respects only prevents him.

Compatibility with Monkey:
       This union may be just awesome, because in many respects dragon and monkey are complementary. In such an alliance monkey with his cunning and skill will become a true advisor and assistant to the too trusting of the Dragon, increasing his power and position in society, for which the Dragon will be around to protect her. They really need each other.

Compatibility with Rooster:
       It is not a bad thing if they find a common language. This union will always be free of the indifference and boredom. Rooster will take advantage of the successes of the Dragon, to succeed himself.

Compatibility with Dog:
       This alliance is very problematic, no prospects. The dog is too big pessimistic and realistic. She sees the Dragon is not through rose-colored glasses, but for what it really is. Barking between them secured until the divorce and separation.

Compatibility with Pig:
       This pair is more than possible. Dragon draws natural strength of pig, a pig like a spiritual force of Dragon. Wild pig can play my admiration, that gives the greatest pleasure Dragon.


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