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   East horoscope moon signs and zodiac signs tell about how we strive to express themselves on our minds. Knowledge of calendar zodiac sign and partner's horoscope can help to identify some spiritual qualities.
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Chinese Horoscopes

      According to the calendar, adopted in China and other Eastern countries every year within the 12-year cycle is marked by a certain animal. Knowing the year of birth, you can easily determine its astrological signs.
      East astrology discover the secrets of your character, especially your relationship with the opposite sex, will help to find the optimal path of development in the sexual life, tells how to build family relationships.
      Zodiac love match includes a personal analysis of the most favorable and unfavorable birth dates of potential partners (sexual and family context), critical and good years of marriage, and much more!
      East lovescope will tell how to preserve and enhance love!
Chinese horoscope compatibility describes no events, but the relationships between people, shows the influence of stars and planets on this side of your life, and help to understand your actions and deeds. This report compiled by professional astrologers, using complex mathematical calculations and years of experience.
      This test the secrets of true and faithful love, helps to find the sincerity and mutual understanding. Open a new page of your relationship with your beloved!

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Chinese Zodiac

      The Chinese zodiac sign is popular throughout the world. As it is well known and consists of the following signs: Rat, Tiger, Ox, Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Snake, Sheep (Ram or Lamb), Rooster, Dog, Monkey, Pig (Boar).
       Traditional astrological symbols, which are based on chinese astrology, distributed in almost all countries of the East Asian region, although each of them underwent slight transformation. In compiling the East zodiac calendar should be borne in mind that the beginning of the year in this horoscope is not fixed. It comes at the end of January or early February and the official start of the lunar year.
      Proper preparation of traditional horoscope is occupation rather complex, suggesting a good knowledge of astrology and the relevant literature. Man, compiling characterization and prediction of events, must be considerate, astute and well versed in principles calculations because they include many important aspects: symbolic animal year, month and date of birth, the element of the animal, and a fixed element and in the chinese zodiac calendar is divided not only on animals, but also on the elements (metal, water, wood, fire, earth).

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Chinese Astrology

      The Chinese system of astrology encompasses more than a thousand years, and people around the world have always believed that it is one of the oldest sections of East philosophy. East calendar has 12 zodiac signs depending on the year of birth, while in traditional western astrology, depends on month of birth.
      Signs of animals - the main aspect of the Eastern calendar. Signs are not based on the location of stars, as in Western astrology, and the year of birth. Each animal is highlighted his year. There are 12 animals and they always appear in the same order (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep (lamb or ram), Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig (boar)). A total of 12 zodiacal signs have long been studied.
      But every time there are new comments and additions to this well-known theme. Surprising facts found in the culture of ancient China. Cycle 12 was there more difficult in Europe and do not always coincide with our usual notions. Modern astrology is well aware the Chinese circle 12 animals, the respective year’s 12-year cycle. But the annual cycle for some reason unknown. And until now there are disputes about how the European zodiac signs match the chinese astrology signs.

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Daily chinese horoscope for Rooster, Rat, Snake, Horse, Rabbit, Ox, Monkey, Dragon, Tiger, Dog, Sheep (Lamb, Ram), Pig (Boar) zodiac signs.

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