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Horoscope compatibility with zodiac signs: Ox, Horse, Snake, Pig, Rabbit, Dragon, Dog, Tiger, Rat, Sheep, Rooster. Astrological chinese horoscope.

Chinese Horoscopes - The Monkey

      People born in the Year of the Monkey are contradictory and unstable. These are people who have intelligence, skill, originality, inventiveness and resourcefulness. They are very easy to solve the most complex problems with guile, intelligence and cunning. Monkey are inventive and original, able to solve the most difficult problems with amazing rapidity. People born in the Year of the Monkey can be called erratic geniuses. Monkeys are intelligent, smart, and are usually very knowledgeable in business. A monkey can all succeed if they like what they do. Monkeys are very thirst for knowledge and an excellent memory.

Metal Monkey
1920, 1980
Water Monkey
1932, 1992
Wood Monkey
1944, 2004
Fire Monkey
1956, 2016
Earth Monkey
1908, 1968

Metal Monkey
# 20 February 1920 - 7 February 1921
# 16 February 1980 - 4 February 1981

      Metal Monkey has very strong will, for whatever she took on all makes sense of purpose and generally prefers to work independently and not in the team. She is vain, wise and self-confident and not afraid of hard work, can be considered an expert in financial affairs and, as a rule, wisely investing their money. Despite the independent nature, Metal Monkey loves company, presence at parties and participates in various events.
      Metal Monkey has a strong-willed, independent, hardy and self-assured. Despite the independent nature, Loves Company, which also takes it, appreciating his wisdom, kindness and care? She loves money and who know how to wisely, and they often earn their talents. Metal Monkey is the player, and a great disappointed others, often emerges victorious. But she understands that you must have something for a rainy day.

Water Monkey
# 6 February 1932 - 25 January 1933
# 4 February 1992 - 22 January 1993

      Water Monkey is sensitive, perceptive nature. She is more disciplined than other types of monkeys, and more inclined to work for a single purpose than being distracted and scattered on trifles.
       She is not characteristic frankness regarding his intentions, and in conversation, she tries to avoid the topic. Rather sensitive to criticism, she due to the ability to persuade is relatively easy to acquire supporters. She understood human weaknesses, which helps to get along well with people.
       But she is too easy changing her views. She must try to deal with only one thing at a particular time. Perhaps it would be a good opportunity to make up to a very rich family, finding a manner reputation and power. Water Monkey is more disciplined than other types of monkeys, and is wasting over trifles. Dedicated others in their plans it is not peculiar - partly because she can not stand criticism. She gets along well with people and knows how to convince them. Sometimes Water Monkey hide their true feelings, but still very popular among friends, because they know a lot about human relationships.

Wood Monkey
# 25 January 1944 - 12 February 1945
# 22 January 2004 - 8 February 2005

      This is a skilled and responsible worker. She has a rich imagination and makes every effort to acquire new knowledge, progressive in their ideas. However, her enthusiasm can quickly fade away, and she easily loses patience and gives up, if things go wrong, as we would like. She is not alien to the spirit of adventure and desire to take risks. Wooden Monkey loves to travel. Among colleagues and friends enjoyed the confidence and respect.
       She is intelligent and thoughtful. Wooden Monkey is very fickle. Carried away, she can be valuable business qualities, and even generate new ideas, but at the slightest difficulty her enthusiasm fades. Carried away again, she could just as easily, and take possession of her attention is not difficult, even adventurers. This is a very hardworking people with great creative potential. They know how to extricate themselves from different situations and to find optimal ways to solve problems.

Fire Monkey
# 12 February 1956 - 30 January 1957
# 8 February 2016 - 27 January 2017

      Fire Monkey is clever, full of vitality and easily won the respect of others. She has a vivid imagination, wide interests, although they sometimes distract them from more useful and profitable business.
       She is curious and always aware of all the events. However, sometimes a very stubborn, if not everything goes according to plan it, and sometimes suppress those who do not have such a strong will. Nature has a very lively, with the opposite sex is very popular, very loyal to his partner.
       The stars say that she can become rich and powerful, but she is doomed to work hard because it can not remain without movement. Fire Monkey is full of vitality and varied interests, and her imagination often distracts her from the useful and necessary cases. She is very curious and skillfully uses his knowledge, achieving desired. Has success with the opposite sex, yet usually stick with my partner. These people always seek professional recognition. They are passionate, expressive, and responsive to the opposite sex.

Earth Monkey
# 2 February 1908 - 21 January 1909
# 30 January 1968 - 16 February 1969

      Earthen monkey is inquisitive and well read, and usually achieves a lot in their chosen profession. She is not as sociable as the other monkeys, and prefers a more quiet and respectable occupation. She has high principles, caring nature, great generosity toward the unfortunate. It is lucky in business and finance, and to old age may have a considerable fortune. With a calming influence on others, it is usually loved and respected by all. She pay particular attention to those who has confidence.

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Monkey Compatibility

Compatibility with Rat:
       It is one of the best options. RAT-woman will simply adore your partner like a monkey, even without reciprocity from his side.

Compatibility with Ox:
       This marriage is possible because of the good understanding and mutual love. At first the Ox may seem rather boring, but the monkey will bring his honesty and integrity, his diligence and efficiency, which always gives rise to and trust and hope. A ox, studying and mastering the complex nature and weaknesses of the Monkey, graciously puts up with them, get used to them, and as a result provides a framework for long-term and happy union.

Compatibility with Tiger:
       Their union will be accompanied by tension and outbreaks will lead to conflicts and acts of aggression, confrontation. Today's attitude may change tomorrow and go to the violence. The monkey should still carefully. She could easily become a victim of the eternal laughter and eternal desire mocking, even if not serious. The only salvation there can be large families, big family.

Compatibility with Rabbit:
       They can not be a happy family, if only the monkey did not prove too fruitful.

Compatibility with Dragon:
       Relationships, this may be, though not ideal, then normal, thanks to good understanding. The well-being of the marriage, in most cases depends on the behavior of monkeys.

Compatibility with Snake:
       It is futile. First, the union is possible, if snake goes on it, if it wants, and dare to take this step. Secondly, the outcome of such an alliance depends only on itself Monkeys, from her behavior. Thirdly, Snake must subdue his pride, and monkey - to refuse frivolous frivolity.

Compatibility with Horse:
       Union is no prospects. They are simply incompatible. A horse can not tolerate slander and shallow Monkeys, and she, in turn, complacency horses, its love for the uncertainty and open spaces.

Compatibility with Sheep (Ram):
       It is only if monkey has the money, or it is rich or, in extreme cases, wealthy. But there is more likely a marriage of convenience.

Compatibility with Monkey:
       In this couple in a pot will boil over and the folly and wisdom, combined gossip and intrigue merge enthusiasm and excitement, selfishness and jealousy, the spirit of competition and the penetration of love, and more new experiences in the erotic-sexual sphere, dance.

Compatibility with Rooster:
       This is life on the volcano with many craters and full of uncertainty. When and from a crater will start the next eruption?

Compatibility with Dog:
       Union is questionable and problematic. The dog is too much an idealist, and this monkey will enjoy. The greater the difference in ages of dogs the monkeys, so their life together is more promising.

Compatibility with Pig:
       Pig better not. They have very little in common. After the honeymoon it can fly some pieces. Monkey all the time will suffer a double condition: on the one hand, she appreciates and respects the Pig, on the other - it costs nothing to be fooled, and requires a lot of strength to renounce such actions.


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