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Chinese Zodiac Sign - Ox
Horoscope compatibility with zodiac signs: Monkey, Rabbit, Snake, Rooster, Tiger, Dragon, Dog, Pig, Sheep, Horse, Rat. Astrological chinese horoscope.

Chinese Horoscopes - The Ox

      People born in the Year of the Ox, have stamina, patience, they inspire confidence. However, occasionally there are eccentric, quick-tempered and stubborn. In these cases, they should be wary, with rage, they know no boundaries. These usually have excellent physical, people with a reputation for being easy to get. Bull patient and not talkative. It has the ability to call for frankness and attach other people. The ox is closed and stubborn. He accepts the decision and does not tolerate failure. It is better not to interfere with ox in his work, otherwise you can get yourself in big trouble. Ox is wonderful boss, he's all right at home as well.

Metal Ox
1901, 1961
Water Ox
1913, 1973
Wood Ox
1925, 1985
Fire Ox
1937, 1997
Earth Ox
1949, 2009

Metal Ox
# 19 February 1901 - 7 February 1902
# 15 February 1961 - 4 February 1962

      This buffalo is confident and has an iron will. He is forthright and outspoken and not afraid to speak aloud their opinions. Typically, they pursue their goals with admirable perseverance and determination, but sometimes so keen on his idea that forgets about thoughts and feelings of others, and it can not hurt him. He is honest, frank, and never promises more than can be offered. He has a talent for art and typically surrounded by a few, but loyal friends.

Water Ox
# 6 February 1913 - 25 January 1914
# 3 February 1973 - 22 January 1974

      This buffalo has prehensile, grasping mind. He was an excellent organizer. It is more farsighted than other types of oxen, and seeks to tell others in their plans and actions. This is usually a man of high moral principles, and often engaged in social activities. He has good character and is so friendly. He is extremely popular and gets along well with children.

Wood Ox
# 25 January 1925 - 12 February 1926
# 20 February 1985 - 8 February 1986

      Wooden ox inherent dignity and authority that makes it easy to achieve a leading position in any society. He is very confident and outspoken towards others, possesses lively temperament and will not hesitate to express their views. He has exceptional strength of will, an excellent memory. Especially devoted to his family and is very considerate toward family.

Fire Ox
# 11 February 1937 - 30 January 1938
# 8 February 1997 - 27 January 1998

      Fire Ox - a strong personality and assertive, hardworking and knowledgeable employee. He tries to stick to only his views, and easily loses patience when things go wrong, as desired. It can easily be carried away on the spur of the moment and do not take into account the opinions of others. Despite this, the makings of a leader have a distinct and often reach high status and material well-being. Usually has a small circle of trusted friends. He is very loyal and devoted family.

Earth Ox
# 29 January 1949 - 16 February 1950
# 26 January 2009 - 14 February 2010

      This ox does everything for what is taken, with a sober head. He is ambitious, but realistic and ready to work round the clock to achieve their goal. He is shuffler in business and financial affairs. He has a quiet nature; he is respected for his honesty and straightforwardness, devotion to family and friends. His opinion is always valued and taken into account.

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Ox Compatibility

Compatibility with Rat:
       A rat, in other hand it is good and another - tolerable. And everything depends only on the behavior of rat. Her agility and quickly often leads to confusion ox, and the ability to keep his nose to the wind, he sees most often as the lack of character.

Compatibility with Ox:
       Actually, it is good. Both partners are reliable, they have much in common. Both are materialists and conservatives. They will always be with dad and mom. In their marriage there are a lot of fun, humors.

Compatibility with Tiger:
       Coexistence is impossible for them. This marriage is doomed to obvious failure. This alliance will destroy Ox and Tiger. The friendship between them is equally impossible, because the parish does not perceive and can not stomach the Tiger in whole or in part.

Compatibility with Rabbit:
       In most cases, marriage is possible, though it is not perfect. Everything will depend on the behavior of a partner-Rabbit, his diplomacy, and the possibility to adapt to his ox.

Compatibility with Dragon:
       Marriage is fragile and hopeless, because between them must arise quarrels and conflicts, leading to discord and rupture relations. Dragon is lover of external brilliance, and Ox do not trust what shines only in appearance.

Compatibility with Snake:
       Snake marriage can be successful only if the snake will be able to hide their pre-marital relations, and will not talk about them. But the task is quite difficult for her, but unless something is revealed, then the poor Snake can sympathized.

Compatibility with Horse:
       The difficulties here will come from misunderstanding. In addition, horse partner with his temperamental and independent nature will always be afraid of ox, to be afraid of him, and from this suffering.

Compatibility with Sheep:
       Marriage between them is very problematic and has no prospects because of their incompatibility. Ox is not only tolerating excessive imagination and too vivid imagination sheep, but does not want to wear the horns.

Compatibility with Monkey:
       There can be no love and marriage, and the Ox can go to any concessions. But still, instead of happiness of the ox will be only suffering.

Compatibility with Rooster:
       Marriage is very possible, thanks to a full understanding of each other and agreement. Rooster partner will quietly shine in the bosom of his family.

Compatibility with Dog:
       Dog here there are complexities because of the opposing ideologies. Ox still recognized conservative, and the dog - an ardent revolutionary.

Compatibility with Pig:
       Marriage is only possible by mutual respect generally accepted rules of society. Wild pig can make a lot, but not the severity and bondage, but with time and he gather courage and intelligence to give an appropriate rebuff an ox and mitigate its proprietary spirit.


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