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Chinese Zodiac Sign - Pig
Horoscope compatibility with zodiac signs: Sheep, Tiger, Dragon, Rabbit, Rat, Boar, Dog, Monkey, Snake, Ox, Rooster, Horse. Astrological chinese horoscope for Boar zodiac sign.

Chinese Horoscopes - The Pig

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      People born in the year of Pig are somewhat promiscuous. They are straightforward and are capable of self-sacrifice. By nature endowed with great strength. For them there is only one of their chosen paths, they do not allow deviations from it, or retreats. Boar has extraordinary inner strength and fortitude and never deviating from his chosen direction. Boar is intelligent, always seeking for knowledge, but great progress in knowledge is attained. Wild pigs are very restrained, rarely speak, but rather short-tempered, though, and feed the hatred of strife. They are tied and kind to those who loves them. Pigs in any situation will never resort to outside help, they would themselves seek a way out.

Metal Pig
Water Pig
Wooden Pig
Fire Pig
Earth Pig

Metal Pig
# 30 January 1911 17 February 1912,
# 27 January 1971 14 February 1972.

      Metal boar is the most ambitious of all types of characters, energetic, purposeful and very busy with various activities. This is an open person with certain views, although she is sometimes too trusting, and takes all at face value. She has a wonderful sense of humor, a passion for all kinds of parties and gatherings. He is friendly and affable nature and tends to have many friends and admirers.
      She prefers peace and quiet, and be able to find a partner that will prosper. Metal Pig is ambitious and energetic, engaged a wide variety of activities. She is open and honest, but unwary: knowing that the feature, adapted to treat with a sufficient amount of humor to the various alterations, which falls on his naive. She has many friends and likes to come in the society. They are often betrayed and bring friends. Metal Boar must understand that not all friends are as honest and sincere, as she is.

Water Pig
# 16 February 1923 4 February 1924
# 13 February 1983 1 February 1984

      This Boar has heart of gold. He was very generous and trying to maintain smooth relations with all, but sometimes because of gullibility is the victim of malicious intent.
       She is more than others, we must try to be harder to guard their interests and learn at last to distinguish black from white. Despite the fact that she tends quietest way of life, of his interests is quite wide. She is very fond of society, she is often the soul of the company, as well as the employee has the priceless qualities: hard work and sense of duty, therefore, almost always succeed in any chosen profession.
       She is active and stubborn, but at the same time, the wise and prudent. She should learn to be a little more ambitious, and then she will be successful and rich. Water Pigs are particularly vulnerable to malicious intent. She is amazingly kind and caring, she - a very quiet homemade creation, love the company and cozy intimate conversations. The terms of her interests is wide enough, it is a hard worker and is obligatory. This is a passionate and attentive lover. But they are eager to satisfy their desire and did not notice the evil, refusing to see him, so they are often attached. To prevent this from happening, you need to be careful and really look at things.

Wood Pig
# 4 February 1935 23 January 1936
# 31 January 1995 18 February 1996

      This Boar has a friendly character and convincing manner of speaking, and gaining friends and supporters with enviable ease.
She likes to keep abreast of current events and sometimes has taken on his shoulders an impossible burden. She devoted partners and friends, and finds pleasure in providing neighbor help. Wooden Pig is usually an optimist, an active lifestyle, not deprived of a sense of humor.
       She is kind and pleasant to talk to, but it happens that she were too hasty in her words and deeds. Wooden Boar always cheerful and energetic attracts many friends, admirers and fans of his friendly nature and ability to speak beautifully. She was pleased to respond to any call for help, even if her capabilities are limited. However, like all the other pigs, Wooden Boars should be careful in choosing friends and do not trust anybody.

Fire Pig
# 22 January 1947 9 February 1948
# 16 February 2007 6 February 2008

      She is energetic and adventurous, take up any case very thoroughly. He's quite forthright in statements and often goes to deliberate risk to achieve the goal. However, under the spur of the moment is easily distracted, lose interest, and she is not harmful to be more circumspect in matters for which he is not looking from.
       In financial terms, she is usually luck, he is known for his generosity, as well as care and attention to home.
       Boar is wise and prudent. She prefers to stand on her own feet and a little stubborn. If she can more than take into account the people around you, she has a chance to reach the top. Fire Boar is energetic and enterprising, but tends to be distracted from the serious business for adventure. Nevertheless, she miraculously lucky in connection with what she thinks it is possible to demonstrate her self-confidence and straightforwardly expressed.

Earth Pig
# 3 February 1899 31 January 1900
# 8 February 1959 27 January 1960

      This is truly a good soul, an excellent organizer, are cleverly manages her resources and well versed in the business. She leads an active social life, although it may sometimes go too far with regard to drinking. She is clever and resourceful and is more spiritual than others. Her life is flowing slowly, and she is always ready to help people weaker than her.
      Earthen Pig is a talented organizer, the soul of the company, a successful entrepreneur. She is ambitious, but objectively assesses their potential. She leads an active social life, although it may sometimes go too far with regard to drinking. Earth Boars are self-confident and hardworking, always in good form and full of energy.

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Pig Compatibility

Compatibility with Rat
       Under certain conditions is even very good, because they have much in common: both are, and good liver, and intellectuals at a time. In addition, they have a good spiritual understanding. Honesty of Boar is really liked by Rat , as well as his business qualities.

Compatibility with Ox
       Marriage is only possible by mutual respect generally accepted rules of society. Wild pig can make a lot, but not the severity and bondage, but with time and it gather courage and intelligence to give an appropriate rebuff an ox and mitigate its proprietary spirit.

Compatibility with Tiger
       Relationship is possible. Boar understands and appreciates the Tiger, if only the tiger will not be too tiring to their passions, the joint life portends both peace and tranquility.

Compatibility with Rabbit
       The Union is very possible, because the partners have much in common. Their life together will go without disputes and quarrels, without complications and disorder, provided that the pig avoid promiscuity and will not be too scrupulous.

Compatibility with Dragon
       Pair is more than possible. Dragon draws natural strength of Boar, a pig like a spiritual force of Dragon. Wild Boar can play my admiration that gives the greatest pleasure of Dragon.

Compatibility with Snake
       It is futile, despite the fact that at first they were from each other in delight, like complement each other. But then could begin a very dramatic, even tragic consequences, resulting in poor pig would first just captured, and then paralyzed and in the end - just strangled.

Compatibility with Horse
       Joint relationship is under a big question. Because of the unreliability and difficulty of trying is better not to do. Pit will always consider a horse, and horse - too lazy. Selfish horse will abuse his partner and simply act to harm him.

Compatibility with Sheep
       It is one of the best options. This marriage can be long lasting and happy. At pit have not the slightest claim to sheep, he did well and treats, and transfers. They have a complete spiritual harmony. If the sheep will obey him, as a reward she will receive everything.

Compatibility with Monkey
       Relationships are not good. They have very little in common. Monkey all the time will suffer a double condition: on the one hand, she appreciates and respects the boar, on the other - it costs nothing to be fooled, and requires a lot of strength to renounce such actions.

Compatibility with Rooster
       They clearly do not fit together. In the nature of Boar is prevailing strength and energy, boldness and aggressiveness, and wild pig - justice and the pursuit of sensual pleasures.

Compatibility with Dog
       All goes well, if they do not have any special claim to life. Here and greater compatibility and tendency to loyalty and devotion. The most favorable option is obtained when the Boar-woman financially secure, because in this union's psychic stability, it will strengthen the spiritual world of dogs. Here - a deep mutual love, but at the end of life - a strong attachment to each other.

Compatibility with Pig
       This union is promising, provided that one partner will definitely give up another. In the case of mutual concessions they get on well with each other, understand each other, and this is already a strong foundation for life together.


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