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Horoscope compatibility with zodiac signs: Rat, Tiger, Rooster, Horse, Snake, Dragon, Monkey, Dog, Pig, Ox, Sheep. Astrological chinese horoscope.

Chinese Horoscopes - The Rabbit

      People born in the year of Rabbit, differ responsiveness and breadth of the soul. They are pedantic, practical, and capricious. In life, as a rule, succeed, their financial affairs is always a success. They are good businessmen. Outwardly they are modest and meek, they, however, like to say spiteful things for others. Rabbit is good at talking, he is talented and ambitious. Rabbit is modest, restrained, bookish, calm, unruffled, and has impeccable taste. Rabbit likes to show himself in society and always makes a good impression. Rabbit is conservative and long decided, all carefully weighed.

Metal Rabbit
1951, 2011
Water Rabbit
1963, 2023
Wooden Rabbit
1915, 1975
Fire Rabbit
1927, 1987
Earth Rabbit
1939, 1999

Metal Rabbit
# 6 February 1951 - 26 January 1952
# 3 February 2011 - 22 January 2012

      This rabbit is very capable and ambitious man even knows what he wants to achieve in life. Sometimes he can seem closed and overly cautious, but it is only because he likes to keep his opinions to himself. His quick, the keen intellect, he is a great businessman. He is no stranger to some tricks. Metal Rabbit is a wonderful artist, rotates in high society, and has a small circle of loyal and devoted friends.
       He always has a lot of affairs and plans, and he very well know how to use opportunities. In adulthood, he often gets more power. In the late stage of his life he will enjoy a happy old age. Metal Rabbit is dedicated and persistent man, he knows exactly what he wants, but not always devoted to his plans of others. With a grasp of intelligence and a certain cunning, easily achieves desired. He loves and appreciates art, prefers a refined society. Metal Rabbit appreciates beauty and therefore often becomes obsessed collector.

Water Rabbit
# 29 January 1903 - 15 February 1904
# 25 January 1963 - 12 February 1964

      Water rabbit is popular, has a well developed intuition, always takes into account the ideas and feelings of others. However, at times very sensitive and takes everything to heart. In whatever he undertook, makes a thorough and thoughtful, he has a brilliant memory. Sometimes he can seem rather closed, but perfectly explains his thoughts. He is very loved and valued and family, and service.
       He is easily able to do so that people notice it. Water Rabbit friendly and attentive to others, but at times overly sentimental. To business concerns with his characteristic is conscientiousness. Makes a good impression on colleagues and accessible manner clearly express their thoughts, as well as fault-free memory. Water Rabbits are too close to take the problems of others and because of this often forget about their own affairs. All rabbits avoid conflicts, and especially water. Do not be so indecisive and constantly feeling sorry for him!

Wood Rabbit
# 14 February 1915 - 2 February 1916
# 11 February 1975 - 30 January 1976

      Wooden rabbit is easy to contact, friendly, adapts quickly to any situation. He prefers to work in a team rather than individually, to be sure of the support and assistance. However, sometimes he's pretty secretive, and it will benefit to be more open and to keep others informed of his plans. He is usually a lot of friends; he leads an active social life. He is valued for the generosity and generosity.
       Wooden Rabbit does not know how to hide his thoughts and feelings. This is his weak spot, as is often used by others. Wooden Rabbits are patient and so be sure to achieve success in everything they do not engage in, and especially in art.

Fire Rabbit
# 2 February 1927 - 22 January 1928
# 29 January 1987 - 16 February 1988

      Fire Rabbit has open and friendly character. He prefers to keep all smooth relations. He is wise and diplomatic, understands human nature, has a strong will and in providing help and support, of course, will go far. He, however, poorly tolerate an unfavorable environment, quickly loses patience and gets depressed when things go wrong, as desired. Fire Rabbit has increased intuition. It is also easy to find common language with children.

Earth Rabbit
# 19 February 1939 - 7 February 1940
# 16 February 1999 - 4 February 2000

      Earth Rabbit is quiet and reserved individual, but nevertheless, a very astute and intelligent. He is a realist and willing to work long and hard to achieve the desired goal. How wonderful businessman, he almost always carries in the financial sector. He says he always so convincing that easily attracts others to their side. Enjoys well-deserved success with friends and colleagues, and his views and opinions are highly valued and taken into account

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Rabbit Compatibility

Compatibility with Rat
       Relationships should not be. Rabbit warps unprincipled and bragging of Rat, and he had to spend much effort on it to refrain from the temptation to destroy it.

Compatibility with Ox
       It all depends on the behavior of ox. In the marriage union of a parade should command the only Rabbit, and the case Ox - to obey and work hard.

Compatibility with Tiger
       This alliance is very problematic, although Tiger really like the peace and quiet nature of Rabbit, and the Rabbit appeals to the scope and the many positive features and the quality of the Tigris. Watching them in a marriage, you will notice that as soon as the relationship between them tightened, Rabbit at once makes it easy to pirouette and very quiet out of the ordinary situation. But It is before the first serious conflict.

Compatibility with Rabbit
       This alliance is not only possible, but under certain conditions can become very lucky. And this requires a bit - one of them must unquestioningly obey the will of another. Only sometimes a bone of contention could be children.

Compatibility with Dragon
      Dragon really likes pliability of Rabbit, his constant optimism, and goodwill, although Rabbit confuses thirst for power Dragon. If both partners come to a compromise the marriage will a good and quiet.

Compatibility with Snake
       Here there is a strong attraction at first sight, the first meeting. Together they will contemplate each other. But to this spontaneous sympathy would not have antipathy they must control their feelings.

Compatibility with Horse
       There are a lot in common. Cheerfulness and gaiety of horses well with mankind and always open mind of Rabbit. Also contribute to this and masculinity of Horses and effort to be understood the Rabbit partner. At the same time they must avoid mutual irritation and minor skirmishes.

Compatibility with Sheep
       Relationship is possible with full mutual agreement and if they give up the habit of digging in the details. Unite of the artistic taste, imagination and bright, vivid imagination. They get on well with each other, moreover Rabbit can create comfort and coziness, and pays no attention to the whims and fancies of their roe.

Compatibility with Monkey
       Marriage is very possible. Not a bad idea even if they look at the world each with their bell tower. The secret of a successful family life is that the Rabbit takes care of the monkey, and she entertains him with joy. One hand washes and both white.

Compatibility with Rooster
       This apparent futility. Rooster is opposite to Rabbit, both as in good as bad. The rabbit can not stand in his own house Rooster, because of its eternal bragging and performances arranged by the home scene.

Compatibility with Dog
       Marriage between them could be beneficial and safe. If only they will both be faithful to each other, the happiness is assured.

Compatibility with Pig
       Relationship is very possible, because the partners' common. Their life together will go without disputes and quarrels, without complications and disorder, provided that the Pig avoid promiscuity and will not be too scrupulous.


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