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Horoscope compatibility with zodiac signs: Pig, Sheep, Dragon, Tiger, Snake, Ox, Monkey, Dog, Rooster, Horse, Rabbit. Astrological chinese horoscope.

Chinese Horoscopes - The Rat

      People born in the year of the Rat, according to Japanese horoscope calendar are agile. They are motivated, hardworking, a bit embarrassing. Rats are frugal and love to save money. They often overestimate their abilities and not averse to brag. Rat is full of considerable charm, and at first glance seems happy and balanced. The mouse does not burden others with problems. She has the ability to follow through on the case started, honest and ambitious. She has more acquaints than real friends. She likes to spend money primarily on themselves, nor in denying themselves nothing.

Metal Rat
1900, 1960
Water Rat
1912, 1972
Wood Rat
1924, 1984
Fire Rat
1936, 1996
Earth Rat
1948, 2008

Metal Rat
# 31 January 1900 18 February 1901
# 28 January 1960 14 February 1961

      This Rat is gifted with great honesty, ambition and ability to work hard, to bring the plan prior to its completion. The negative side is the Metal rat may be too inflexible, leading to decisions which pose suppress creative thinking. These Rats should try to be more. However, this person can not be too flexible, which leads to the adoption of inflexible decisions that threaten the suppression of creative thinking.

Water Rat
# 10 February 1912 5 February 1913
# 15 February 1972 2 February 1973

      Rats born in water years, they have their natural element. Therefore, they are doubly endowed with the ability to diplomatic persuasion and have an intuitive premonition of future trends. The negative - the double water-rat may be flooded with waist-high: too much information and too many to hide in their water depths. Water Rats are very sensitive and very interested in freedom of choice of other people. These rats should try to be more responsive (sociable) and periodically take the initiative themselves.

Wood Rat
# 5 February 1924 24 January 1925
# 2 February 1984 19 February 1985

      Wood is creative element, so the rats born in these years may be somewhat artistic. They are also endowed with self-confidence, analytical mind and ability to grow, expanding its activities. The negative - wood may create too many options, complicating all that difficult to control. In combination with water, this indecision may portend problems. These rats should try to control their tendency to bite off more than they can swallow, and instead concentrate its resources.

Fire Rat
# 24 January 1936 10 February 1937
# 19 February 1996 6 February 1997

      This Rat is endowed with determination, wisdom and penchant for innovation, which leads to success. They can endure periods of rapid change and adaptation. The negative side - they sometimes become too passionate and enthusiastic, which could lead to the destruction of all that they have achieved. These rats should try to control his sharp tongue and channel their energies in a positive direction.

Earth Rat
# 10 February 1948 28 January 1949
# 7 February 2008 25 January 2009

      Earth in combination with water - balance the mix for the Rat. Earth Rat is endowed with practicality, prudence, self-discipline and ability to work hard. The negative side - they can move too slowly, losing the initiative and slowing the adoption of responsible decisions. These rats should use self-discipline to keep up with the schedule, introducing more freedom of the imagination.

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Rat Compatibility

Compatibility with Rat:
       Rat is not bad. Two mice are able to tenderly love each other ... and how many there will be love, how tender. But they should avoid the disputes and quarrels, and the entire ridiculous and the apparent rivalry.

Compatibility with Ox:
       Marriage shall be durable and successful, provided that the wife will be faithful and stand firm on the basis of realism. For a better understanding Ox would be good to rein in stubbornness, willfulness and waywardness, and Rat to be cheerful. Ox must always follow the peace of mind of his rat to it never lost a sense of complete security.

Compatibility with Tiger:
       It is problematic marriage because of the futility of relationships. Here is more consistent with the nature and the eternal claim Tiger unconditional power in the family. The friendship between them is also problematic, because the rat to Tiger is too big a materialist.

Compatibility with Rabbit:
       Rabbit from the marriage should be avoided, because the Rabbit, may receive a very strong temptation to swallow Rat (even with a strong love for her), and Rat are not very fond of this kind of adventure.

Compatibility with Dragon:
       Marriage between them is often favorable, especially when the Rat is able to love without end, cajole his dragon partner. A strong spirit, humor and cheerfulness, bravery and courage of the Dragon and energy, ingenuity and cunning of Rat only strengthen the foundations of the union. A point above the "i" makes a strong physical attraction and the potential sensitivity of both partners.

Compatibility with Snake:
       Marriage is problematic, because the eternal mystery and possible infidelity of Snakes can bring frustration and unhappiness to Rat. Only in one case it may be more tolerable - when the Snake categorically refuse intrusive and rude, of treason.

Compatibility with Horse:
       That marriage should be avoided, since observed that the horse seems boastful and overweening. At first, indeed, possible and passion, and emotional outbursts, but then the case can still reach up to the disaster - to discord and divorce, and even before the crime.

Compatibility with Sheep:
       Everything is not good. They have as much in common, how many and contradictions. In addition, the sheep for the rat is too closed. If rat have money will be enough Sheep will graze peacefully in the meadows, as her soul will be satisfied with that. But the rat is not always satisfied with the conduct of their sheep, and hence not far to the killings, to discord.

Compatibility with Monkey:
       This is the best combination - a marriage can be not only successful, but even happier. They enchant their sudden and lightning to each other, although very superficial and even melodramatic relationships and a willingness to forgive minor transgressions of his partner in love and marriage. There is mutual love with full understanding.

Compatibility with Rooster:
       There is deep sympathy here of two very kindred souls. However, despite the fact that a female rooster can be a big spendthrift, loving Rat male can show a lot of patience, because appreciates and recognizes the mass of merits. She will save rat from the excessive passions of anger and even competitors.

Compatibility with Dog:
       Marriage between them can be interesting, and calm, if not boring. What Rat is less to stay at home, the better for the dogs, which often want to meditate and dream. In the best option, if the house power will belong to the Rat, and dog will deal with economic affairs and the kitchen.

Compatibility with Pig:
       Under certain conditions - even very good, because they have much in common: both of them and man of pleasure, and intellectuals at a time. In addition, they have a good spiritual understanding. Rat very like the honesty of pig , as well as his business qualities.


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