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Horoscope compatibility with zodiac signs: Dragon, Sheep, Tiger, Horse, Dog, Ox, Snake, Pig, Rabbit, Monkey, Rat. Astrological chinese horoscope.

Chinese Horoscopes - The Rooster

      People born in the Year of the Rooster are the gifted people. They like to work, committed to their work, always striving to meet their responsibilities successfully, even such that they can not. They are sometimes bizarre and not immediately find contact with other people. The motto of the Rooster: I'm always right! Rooster is courageous and brave. He is always busy, and enthusiastic in their work. But who would want to do more than can. Rooster is eccentric and likes to be noticed. He thinks he is always right and knows what to do. He does not trust anyone, but relies solely on their strength. Rooster is full of unworkable projects and likes to imagine himself a hero.

Metal Rooster
1921, 1981
Water Rooster
1933, 1993
Wood Rooster
1945, 2005
Fire Rooster
1957, 2017
Earth Rooster
1909, 1969

Metal Rooster
# 8 February 1921 - 27 January 1922
# 5 February 1981 - 24 January 1982

      This Rooster is hardworking and responsible worker. He knows exactly what he wants in life, and so does everything for whatever was taken, confidently and aggressively. Sometimes he may seem overly harsh, and he certainly would benefit more often find a compromise, not insist. Metal Rooster is a connoisseur in matters of business and finance. He devoted friends and devoted much time and effort for the common good.
       He likes to argue, and people respect his honesty. Women - Metal Roosters are talented and lucky. Metal Rooster is confident, persistent and purposeful. He is too sharp and does not accept compromises. He clearly knows his business and is an authority for others. He is a passionate and ambitious workaholic, sometimes striving for fame and fortune. At the same time, the Metal Rooster can devote them to social work, wanting to somehow help mankind. But he was too picky and mistakes of others. He tries not to his their feelings, and if you do not learn to go to meet people and relax, talents are not wanted.

Water Rooster
# 26 January 1933 - 13 February 1934
# 23 January 1993 - 9 February 1994

      This Rooster is very convincing manner of speaking, and he is easy to contact with people. He is intelligent, well read and loves to take part in debates and discussions, has inexhaustible energy and able to work day and night in order to achieve the desired goal. However, he can waste time, worrying about other things. It is available to others, endowed with a sense of humor and respects others.
       He is directly and fair. However, loves to talk and can not keep secrets. Water Rooster - fan of the public, to argue them hoarse and to endless discussions. He has inexhaustible energy and stamina to help him achieve his goal. Sometimes he inclined to take a serious obstacle unworthy of attention to detail. They are compassionate and often sought support by persuasion, not intimidation. Water makes Rooster is more sensitive. They easily adapt to changes and, unlike other Rooster not so power-hungry.

Wood Rooster
# 13 February 1945 - 1 February 1946
# 9 February 2005 - 28 January 2006

      Wooden Rooster is honest, reliable and full of good intentions. He is ambitious, but tends to work in a team, not independently. As a rule, succeed in life, but sometimes put in front of impossible tasks. He has a wide range of interests; he enjoys traveling and is very considerate toward family and friends.
       He is very direct, able to speak or sing, even when he had nothing to say. Wooden Roosters women love their home. Wooden Rooster likes to work in a team which, in turn, trusts him: he is honest and reliable. He has a wide range of interests, likes travel, and appreciates the sincere human relations. Wooden Rooster still remains a rooster, and his high demands and criticism can anyone ruffles.

Fire Rooster
# 31 January 1957 - 17 February 1958
# 28 January 2017 - 15 February 2018

      This rooster is a man of exceptional strength of will. He possesses all the qualities of leadership, excellent organizational skills. He has a strong character, as a rule always gets way in life, but being too blunt, and sometimes forgets about the feelings of others. If the Fire Rooster was more tactful, he certainly would be able to implement the most cherished dreams.
       He is sensitive and sociable, and always glad to get acquainted with influential people. Fire Roosters women are talented, elegant and happy. Fire Rooster has exceptional willpower, leadership qualities and an organizer, but sometimes underestimates the importance of personal human relationships, sometimes overly blunt and sharp. Among them are good leaders and managers. Fiery Rooster has high goals and noble intentions. He is not enough developed sense of tact prevents him from fulfilling his ambitious projects.

Earth Rooster
# 22 January 1909 - 9 February 1910
# 17 February 1969 - 5 February 1970

      The earth rooster has a deep, penetrating mind. He is very intelligent worker and usually succeeds in business and finance. He was very persistent and, once setting any particular purpose, all forces will ensure its implementation. He was very industrious, and he is valued friends and colleagues.
       You'll enjoy the good life, although there may be complications in family relationships. Roosters are smart and intelligent. Children you will have later. Women Earth Roasters are prudent and variable. Earth Roosters are persevering and industrious, respected friends and colleagues. Do not spread over the little things and is faithful to one selected target. He is serious about the work, makes notes, and writes the data - it is very systematic. But he does not like to fight and tries to avoid problems and conflicts, burying its head in the sand like an ostrich. This philosopher, who prefers not to share your thoughts with others, but if he speaks, his words will be straight and originating from the heart.

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Rooster Compatibility

Compatibility with Rat:
       There is nothing good. Although there is much in common, but even more they are contradictions. Although both are ambitious, but the charm and cunning Rat is not being combined with an empty external splendor and quackery of Rooster. Their union threatens poverty and discord, separation, and divorce.

Compatibility with Ox:
       It is very promising, if it is not great. But knowing the weakness of each other, they must neutralize them. In addition, the vain of rooster his tendency to command the parade should be home before the end of life to leave the threshold of the registry office, and all will be better than ever.

Compatibility with Tiger:
       This marriage will destroy the selfishness and greed, because both prefer to just take it, and, moreover, and give - a little smaller. Tiger can not agree with noisy of Rooster and do not appreciate it, even good, and eventually will treat him even unfair.

Compatibility with Rabbit:
       There is no happy in this relationship. Rabbit could come to despair of any focus of Rooster.

Compatibility with Dragon:
       Such an alliance is only possible if this mutual love, understanding and a common desire to issue a legal marriage. Both are ambitious. The originality of the Dragon can always emphasize and promote conservative views of Rooster. The best option to strengthen this marriage will serve as a high social position of the Dragon, its opulence, wealth, which rooster could use.

Compatibility with Snake:
       And in marriage and family life, they complement each other well. If a rooster all estimates only in appearance - the outer beauty, clothing, Snake proceeds from the inner content. Despite the apparent contradiction, they understand each other.

Compatibility with Horse:
       This is not good relationship. And if such an alliance has been created and exists, then it's only salvation may be frequent, if not longer, separation - in the form of business travel.

Compatibility with Sheep:
       Everyone has the goal of life, they do not match and therefore stifle mutual sympathy. Sheep unlike the Rooster is not able to be satisfied with love and fresh air.

Compatibility with Monkey:
       It is not good. Married life they did not succeed. In a joint life Rooster will be unhappy and unsatisfied monkey.

Compatibility with Rooster:
       Only not that! These timeless family scenes are inevitable - that they will be fully provided before the disorder and the disruption of relations, to divorce.

Compatibility with Dog:
       Nothing good this alliance does not herald. The dog simply does not tolerate of Rooster, his eternal noise, shouting and uproar. This will on the part of dislike and even hatred.

Compatibility with Pig:
       They do not fit together. In the nature of Rooster are prevailing strength and energy, boldness and aggressiveness, and wild rooster - justice and the pursuit of sensual pleasures.


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