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Compatibility reports with: Leo, Virgo, Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Pisces, Aries, Capricorn, Scorpio, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius.
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Gemini compatibility with the various zodiac signs

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      Compatibility with Aries: Both are cheerful and full of energy; they enjoy the variety of their sexual entertainment. In the bedroom, they will not soon get bored. Aries is able to clearly direct Gemini, what they need. Aries is excited by willfulness Gemini than annoying. It’s excellent short relationships, with good prospects for a long alliance.

      Compatibility with Taurus: Jealous, with a strong possessive Taurus can not accept the Gemini tendency to flirt. Gemini with indignation try to escape from Taurus, limiting their freedom. In sexually Taurus is too boring a partner for Gemini, which, in turn, is unable to give Taurus the security necessary to this sign. You are right, these signs are incompatible. It’s unsuccessful short relationships - the most likely outcome.

      Compatibility with Gemini: Relationship can be a lot of joy to both sides, but quickly lose its stability. Except for passing physical attraction, all signs point to the path to chaos. Both are impulsive and tend to flirt, easy to fall into boredom. Wild love and marriage can lead to a catastrophe. In rare cases, such a combination is possible, but it will be the most interesting couple, you know.

      Compatibility with Cancer: This romance is dangerous. Cancer is too sensitive and shy to expose their true feelings. Gemini will play in love, and Cancer will take it seriously. Cancer is necessary to promote, while Gemini may be too frank. The difference in temperament will serve as a constant source of trouble in bed. Relationship will gradually subside, the marriage fails.

      Compatibility with Leo: Noble, generous Leo will be a plaything in the hands of Gemini- and will be pleased! Gemini diverse and clever in a sexual game, and Leo will respond to all with delight and fervor. Leo will let the Gemini go by own way. It’s ideal partnership. Relationship will be beautiful and exciting, perhaps more permanent relationship.

      Compatibility with Virgo: Virgo considers Gemini immature lover. Gemini take Virgo as a bore. Virgin have clear ideas about sexual behavior. Gemini hesitate usually. After the flame of passion Virgo will grumble and criticize the Gemini, and Gemini will be looking for entertainment on the side. Short, like a bright flash, the relationship does not work in the long term.

      Compatibility with Libra: Attractive, interesting couple. Both are passionate and, perhaps, will often make love. None of them is jealous and not the owner, their temperaments balance each other. Both love to experiment in the field of sex. They enjoy relationship. Marriage is very happy.

      Compatibility with Scorpio: Sexually compatible, but they prove their existence, that physical attraction is not all. Scorpio is jealous. Gemini is variable. When Scorpio too reins Gemini begin to kick. After a passionate relationship began to cool down quickly and even become hostile. In marriage can only consist exceptional pair.

      Compatibility with Sagittarius: Both are restless, fickle and not too honest as lovers. Twins tend to criticize the behavior of Sagittarius in bed. There are other weak points in their relationship, and strength lies in the fact that both are very exacting, and do not have the habits of owners. Relationship starts suddenly and just finished. The marriage can turn out good, but will require efforts from both sides.

      Compatibility with Capricorn: Gemini is too freedom-loving, impatient for a conservative family of Capricorn. Something in the sexual behavior of Gemini confuses Capricorn. Capricorn worries about work, money, career, it is not only about certain physical needs, he believes that the Gemini are too scattered in their designs. Relationships are possible, but a good marriage - proof of the all-conquering love.

      Compatibility with Aquarius: Sensitive Gemini understands and appreciates the fantasy of Aquarius. They can become inventive lovers, adventurers. The main characteristic of their relationship is unpredictability. Love relationships are not always smooth, but can bring the excitement and satisfaction. After the relationship, they will remain friends. Marriage is likely to be pleasant, marked by deep affection, rather than passion.

      Compatibility with Pisces: They are able to unusual sexual fantasies, but rarely implement them. Pisces are too emotional for Gemini, who lived one moment and enjoy it, go further. This contributes to an atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust. Among them may be genuine affection, but in the end the instability of their relationship will destroy the relationship. It’s quite a risky relationship, unhappy marriage.


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