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Edullinen laina pitkällä maksuajalla

Gemini Love Horoscope

      To love a Gemini man is easy and pleasant, if not given this with all the passion. He has some peculiar only to him the spiritual essence, which he would not share with anyone. There is no need to complicate and dramatize the relationship, you must treat all simply and quietly, not bothering him, and try all the time to awaken his imagination. Do not protest against his variability and change with it.

      You need to be alive, interesting interlocutor, because the most important thing for the Gemini - the intellectual level of a partner. He prefers not primarily a dress, a polished and brilliant mind. Gemini tends to marry more than once, although the later concluded the first marriage, the greater the likelihood that he will remain for a long time, perhaps forever.
      The Gemini has the ability to read secret thoughts. Lover Gemini man brings with it a sense of security from the outside world.

      Gemini is ready to assist, always and everywhere. But almost every rule has an exception. And this exception is the beloved Gemini. He can leave the bread in a bakery nearby, and come back in three days. Secret love affairs often end in failure. Their feelings are superficial.
      In early adolescence woman absolutely unpredictable, and love for her - just a game. But the older she gets, more interesting to her the relationships. With the greatest force manifests herself in love, because love - is an area where she is best manifested female essence, reveals the richness and complexity of her nature.

      It is sentimental and romantic, charming and intelligent. No one can compete with her on the ingenuity of love. She will never get bored. To ensure constancy of the Gemini woman should always stay close to her all the time to recall his presence. She can not hold her emotions and feelings, prone to frequent mood swings.
      They are attracted to Aquarius and Libra; rarely have a mutual understanding with Taurus. They search for Leo, Aries, Cancer, Pisces, and should avoid Sagittarius.

Gemini Man in Love

      Man in love rarely thinks about how someone loves him or that person. He prefer light or non-committal attitude with all. Any pressure he brings to the difficulty. As for love, Gemini prefers he is loved him. If he decides that love, then love. And, strange enough, no special words are not said. For any questions about this, he asks in bewilderment: "Are you all right?" Well, what more do you want? ".

      Not deceive those who Gemini says nice words. He tells them more "by the rules" than from the heart. At the time of courtship is something you can hear, but then ... He graciously accepts your recognition, but not in a hurry to assure you the same.

       Therefore, male and female Gemini are holding his partner in constant tension, causing doubt feelings but it is not intentional. Just before the end he is not sure either himself or a partner. A vicious circle: if too "imposed" - it might scare Gemini, if you leave him alone, he and leave one day and not come back. Only one thing - take it like it is. Do not worry about the future: what to be, it must.
      You just have to get pleasure from communication with the Gemini, because the most brilliant he is in "free flight". But despite all this, it was love helps Gemini to realize that he is not alone in the world. Gemini man in love is looking for a couple, a man who will be with him tandem.

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