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Leo Horoscope - Personality Profile

July 23 - August 22
Characteristics of the zodiac sign: The fifth sign of the Zodiac.
Colors: yellow-brown, red, black and purple.
Planet: Sun. Stones: ruby, diamond, topaz.
Lucky number: 1 and 2. Astrological symbol: Lion.

Leo Characteristics

      Leo - a symbol of nobility, strength and dignity, it is a royal symbol. In every movement of pride and dignity, it is perfectly visible from the outside. Feeling responsible, they would do everything to justify the confidence.

Leo Traits

Positive features:
      A typical Leo - is masterful and noble character, has great abilities as a performer. He was born to lead and ensure that it was so. He is very attractive to all people and when he needed to reach some personal goals, it is impossible to resist the charms. Sun, patron of the Leo, a powerful ally and Leo do not have to exert as much effort as all the other signs, Leo, and so to achieve its objectives, because people love him and help him. But the leo shall not allow his ambition to make themselves miserable and grumpy. Fortunately for all of us, they tend to use their gifts to the life of a noble way. They know how to use power; they are much disciplined in stressful situations. I guess they deserve to be kings and queens.

Negative features:
      Since celestial rulers have given so many good qualities to Leo, Leo must beware and not to become complacent. They are so fond of people to join them in their aspirations that they sometimes do not realize that very few people willing to give up their "I" in favor of Leo. Since they always want people to think well of them, they often wear a mask of virtue, which they do not actually possess, only to be praised. All this is good, if they really learn self-inflicted virtue, then this negative feature - a sham - can be considered positive. Otherwise it degenerates into a surface-deep. Moreover, the Lions should not succumb to flattery.

Characteristics profile of a man (personality traits):
      Leo man - He always has to be with the audience. This is a clue of Leo - be his audience. Whether he is jealous? Yes. And let this word burns in your brain light bulb. Remember that you belong to him body, mind and soul. He will tell you what to wear, how her hair, what books to read, what friends you are more suited.

Traits and characteristics of a woman (personality profile):
      Leo woman - As like lioness leo woman is a loving mother, wonderful wife and a wonderful hostess. As the sun gives to all its rays, and these women give their heartfelt warmth, without the need for it any were thanks. They love life and secular society. They want to grow and blossom right before everyone's eyes. Her nature is open, cheerful and viable, decent and business. Often they go to the sacrifice. It is not uncommon Lioness ready to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of loved ones, especially when their lives are blighted by problems, disease, or simply constant depression.

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