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Leo Love Horoscope

      Leo women often difficult realization of their romantic ambitions: to find a man who will erect it on a pedestal, on which she is entitled.
      They usually try to marry a high standing in the social scale, long abstain from marriage until they find that certain someone, they think they want: a well-savvy man with money, which will allow it to look and how to wear the home.
       They believe love is the trump card in the game to life and maintain her sensory issues, which she had not too much, often frigid. Many Leo women think they are beautiful, often they are . They are afraid to give yourself physically because of the fear of losing the beauty; many are paying a nervous breakdown about the age of 30 for marriage or marriage of convenience. Men may be the most magnanimous and generous lovers and admirers. They are not very tender, but very passionate.

       They want to find a woman worthy of them and their great romantic destiny, for which, in their opinion, they are born. They can not imagine that a woman can reject them. On the other hand, a good compliment to Leo throws it at your feet; it is something of the Peacock. Love for Leos - a holiday, exaltation.
      Leos have great appetites, desires, persistent, deep pain; they see no point in hesitating, in doubt about the feelings and situations. They do not like that they grew across the road. If Leo does not like, he can not forgive himself for his choice - his anger is destructive.

       On the other hand, no woman can stand in the way the situation in the life and careers. If she does it, Leo gets rid of the humiliating situation for him, even if it threatens to solitude. A vibrant society Leo can afford a home in the saddle, when nobody sees. It may be the most accommodating in the world of her husband. The loser can be the worst tyrant in personal relationships: a spirited, pompous, insulting a woman and blaming her for all the failures of his life.
      Both men and women Leos should solve the conflict between love and status in society in favor of love and try to overcome vanity, when the selection is made. Leoss are happy with Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini, Libra. In friendship and marriage should be avoided Scorpio and Taurus.

Leo Man in Love

      Man in love is very interesting. Leo devotes most of his life finding the ideal partner, embodying in him all the admirable traits. Leo will not communicate with a woman who would not be a mirror image of its own merits. Accustomed himself to the constant admiration feels Lion King and feels the need for a woman, which he would have admired. And because such women are rare, but he can not be an ascetic in love, then his choice is not always consistent with its high standards.
      Yes, he is looking for his ideal, but if it is not in sight, he will not be in tears. He surrounded himself with women, to which imposes only one requirement - they must have a bright and garish appearance, the rest did not care.

       Enough to be elegant and beautiful that he has placed you in a number of his girlfriends! Leos are ideal lovers, passionate, skilled, generous, love to make gifts, they are accurate. Against the Leos is difficult to resist! Leo always involves something that glitters. Or rather - all that stands out from the ordinary, from the crowd. One is a socialite, who is able to present you, to show, to be the focus of society. Not even the beauty attracts the Leo and the arts to submit their best.
      Long attachment of the sign is diametrically opposite type. The one that hovers in the clouds, far from everyday worries, full of incomprehensible Leo romantic ideas, could reverse his mind.

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