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Libra Horoscope - Personality Profile

September 24 - October 23. Planet: Venus.
Characteristics of the zodiac sign: The Fifth sign of the Zodiac.
Colors: magenta, dark blue, aquamarine.
Astrological symbol: Libra. Stones: opal, sapphire, emerald, pearl.
Lucky number: 6, and all numbers divisible by 6.

Characteristics of Libra

      The only zodiac sign represent an inanimate object. Libra - a cardinal sign, they live in the present time, they are very entrepreneurial. Activity Libra is low; they often require collaboration with other people, because some may not finish the job.
      For them, marriage is important and collaboration as well as social contacts. So they like to choose the legal profession, to social work or engage in visual arts, music. In Libra highly developed sense of fairness and acceptable means of game. From its partners, they expect the same. Libra is not lazy.
      Libra - the sign of Air, they have high intelligence, they are always in search of knowledge, new ideas. A special gift of Libra - correctly analyze social phenomena. They are interested in psychology, human relations. They are able to advise, help people to resolve personal issues, often act as a magistrate.

Libra Traits

Positive features:
      Libra sign is very honest, sincere and attentive sign. They have a great sense of aesthetic values, it is very sensible in behavior; they are friends for many years. Libra can be very immoderate, their affection coming from the heart, not from lust.
Negative features:
       Since Libra is seeking to please others, create an atmosphere of harmony, they go into this too far, so that lose their individuality. They should also try to become more practical and realize their creative ideas into action, and not just dream about. They must learn to accept the sexual side of marriage with joy. They should not be responsible affection and demands of people that they do not stand, because their scales are harmonious.

Characteristics profile of a man (personality traits):
      Libra men of this sign, though not listed as among the best suppliers of the family, but create an environment of harmony and concord, they are good fathers.

Traits and characteristics of a woman (personality profile):
      Libra women of this sign are adapting to the demands of their husbands. This ability allows them to have great influence over men, but the influence of sweet and touching.

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