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Pisces Horoscope - Personality Profile

February 19 - March 20. Stones: Amethyst and sapphire.
Lucky number: 7 and all numbers divisible by 7.
Colors: blue steel, aquamarine and red-violet. Planet: Neptune.
Astrological symbol: fish, swimming in opposite directions.
Characteristics of the zodiac sign: The twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Pisces Characteristics

      Most astrologers agree that Pisces - the most eccentric personalities from the entire zodiac. Their leader is Neptune - a revolutionary, mystical sign, romantic, sometimes deranged, but always distant. He caused his subordinates to nervousness and anxiety.
      Pisces - the last sign of the Zodiac. Pisces - 3rd Water sign, and the people of this sign is extremely emotional and passionate. Their strong emotions and passions, when they are positive, powerful elements for the building, but if they are relaxed, then these qualities may lead the pisces to self-destruction.
      Pisces must fight and defend themselves from the strictures of those who do not understand their mystical world. Pisces is very dependent on the people with whom they are in a relationship, they have a very trusting nature and for this reason they can be easily deceived. However, if they realized that they were deceived, they can become extremely suspicious and secretive. Their intellect wavers like a flame: it restrained, the joyful and witty, on the contrary, dopey, sleepy, melancholic.

Pisces Traits

Positive features:
      Pisces have a lot of positive features, but because of their susceptibility to self-destruction and negativity, they have to fight more than others to show their good qualities.
      Their intentions are usually honest, and they do not expect to meet them in other people. They are tolerant to errors. They love the beauty of nature. They seem to acquire knowledge subconsciously and often ascertain the facts and truths that they are not fully comprehended, but which still prove true.
      They have a highly developed sense of humor. They are often very conscientious in the work, but they must learn to be more methodical and organized. They also have more confidence in themselves and in their ability to trust your instincts. They sympathize with the deficiencies; they can not see or even hear about the suffering of others.

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Negative features:
      Perhaps the biggest shortcoming of other people will not be called a drawback, but Pisces is a negative quality: they are likely to be disposed of in a fictional world than meet face to face with real life. They would be safer if it learned to live for today.
      Pisces should try to stabilize their identity and resist the winds that are fanning them in all directions. They should also try to be less scattered in their thoughts and take a stand. Sometimes they may feel that their mood suddenly changed and that they will later regret the wrong choice. But it's even better than their constant indecision.

Characteristics profile of a man (personality traits):
      Pisces man is passionate, emotional, sensitive, impressionable, changeable and unstable. He is extremely sensitive to all others, possesses the gift of attracting people. He is sensitive, often sees people not as they are, and what he would like to see them.

Traits and characteristics of a woman (personality profile):
      Pisces woman - Even without astrological predictions many of you know how sweet and charming woman. She, of course, has drawbacks, like all people, but at first glance it exactly the ideal lover, the dream of every man.


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