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Pisces Love Horoscope

      Man are in the range from Don Juan, eager to give himself to all women (a shark in the ocean of love) - to the tacitly-suffering victim. Women are romantic, mysterious, femme fatale, soft, loyal, though not very obedient wife belongs to one man completely and forever, which seems too good to believe in it.
      They are in love with his "god" at a distance, and no one opens their feelings, the more the object of passion. Love takes pride of place, they may love at the highest exalted level, or not love at all, love to bring down to the lowest level - this could be heaven or hell.
      No more complicated heart than the heart of Pisces - it is widely, puzzling, unfathomable as the sea. They have multiple impulses. Love comes to the Pisces in secret and is growing quickly. They rarely know where it started and where it ended. The seeming indifference is explained by the internal stiffness or pain to be bound for a long time.
      How long can maintain platonic relationships and experience their passion alone, without explicit need for reciprocity, although some are easily passions, their sensitivity is strong and infectious. They are not invaders, but prefer to be chosen, but it should be clear that you prefer them, and nobody else.
      They do not fight with his rival, a better way is to go, wish you happiness with another man. They prefer to bring a hard sacrifice than a scene of jealousy. The main difficulty is they don’t know how to start, initiate relations with a man, but do not know how to break them.
      They hesitate to leave and return. Silent gloom, many people fall in love with waning, moral and physical cripples who are trying to save love, because love for a lot of Pisces stands up, they should feel welcome, understanding, to be happy without a doubt. If so, then there is no more loyal, flexible, forgiving partner.
      Lesson for Pisces: learn not to sacrifice the bird in the hand for a crane in the sky. Pisces are happy with the Virgo, Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn, Scorpio understands without words. They should avoid Libra and Gemini.

Pisces Man in Love

      Man in love wants to be in a state of love always. If there is no love, then it must be invented. And he invents, creates within himself the image, loves, and grooms and cherishes it.
      All anything, but by creating "the image of love," he binds it to a specific person and is out to get her (woman) in his complete enjoyment. It is assumed by default that the object of passion Pisces will behave as he wants. Pisces are born to love. Passionate and skilled, they know a lot about love, physical and spiritual requirements of high vulnerability. Rough word partner can put out the fire of passion. Very likely, especially women, to dreams of love, dreams and fantasies.
      Since Pisces - a water sign, they are extremely emotional. Pisces are totally dependent on loved ones. They are constantly checking your partner satisfied that they have proved their love and prove that the fears and suspicions of Pisces - only a fantasy. Pisces should beware of paranoia and feelings that they had been betrayed. They should develop their positive qualities: compassion, hospitality, generosity. They must also beware of hypersensitivity and incessant chatter.

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