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Sagittarius Horoscope - Personality Profile

November 22 - December 21. Planet: Jupiter.
Colors: green, blue, purple and violet . Lucky number: 3
Stones: sapphire, emerald, amethyst and agate.
Astrological symbol: centaur-archer (a mythical creature with
a head, arms and upper torso man body and the horse).

Characteristics of Sagittarius

      Their success is often based on their intuitive anticipation. As their symbol - Centaur-shooter, Sagittarians are straight in manners and speech, which, like a flying arrow strikes the target.
      They express their opinions, regardless of anything else. They are astute observer of life, and they can rarely resist the comments on the personalities of their loved ones, but these comments are useful, not just critical. But Sagittarians should realize that not all objectivity as they and their good intentions are often misunderstood.
      Sagittarians are very romantic and passionate, honest and direct in her feelings and intentions.
      Archers should not take offense at the slightest manifestation of neglect or carelessness, whether it is now apparent. They should not be offended or harboring anger on people - their only source of joy. They must learn to believe in a bright tomorrow.

Sagittarius Traits

      People of this sign are real friends, faithful and loyal. These are the people with whom you can really talk to, and not only on domestic themes, but also higher: the philosophy of religion, science, and politics.
       Sagittarius is very friendly to people, it is very noble and romantic. Sagittarius - good parents and provide good family (in monetary terms).

Characteristics profile of a man (personality traits):
      Sagittarius man - Distinctive features are - candor and frankness, courage and bravery. Love for men is an interesting adventure. He laughs at the fact that most of us believed serious. During courtship behavior energetically and purposefully rivals, however, reaching this goal, quickly cools.
      The man-Sagittarius love life is very sketchy, but he is very honest.

Traits and characteristics of a woman (personality profile):
      Sagittarius woman - She is a brilliant, independent, free from prejudice, very lively, and a natural woman. She captivates her friendliness, simple and sincere attitude, there's nothing fake. And tears, and her laughter comes from her soul.
      She is a noisy, cheerful, cheerful, interesting in communication, intelligent, extravagant ideas, inexhaustible dreamer and knows how to surprise others with their enthusiasm and optimism.

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