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Sagittarius Love Horoscope

      The fire of Sagittarius is not like ardor of Leo and Aries. This fire smoldering under the ashes - burned, but not yet extinguished embers of internal passions.
      An infinitely changing Sagittarius may express itself in different ways. Some of them - in many different ways direct their arrows upright on top of high spiritual, considering the physical act of love means a mystical abstraction. They are looking for a partner, standing in life far above them, for which they are selling their usual perfect passion.

       Others choose a horizontal target and no end to their conquests - love, sports, adventure, and thrill. The life lesson of Sagittarius: the Arrow and the target eventually a whole.
       Sagittarians man like comfort, a certain atmosphere of ease and luxury. They prefer a woman who not only enhances their view of themselves, but also maintains good housekeeping, coping with it in the absence of her husband. They can be excellent fathers and defenders, but can be very wrong husbands, believing that his male prerogative.
       Sagittarians fall into fits of violent jealousy, if they are paid the same. They do not forgive betrayal, especially if they think that other people know about it.
       Sagittarius hates scandals, like no other in every way to avoid them. Sagittarius women or very proud, belligerent, or a stately patroness who want to be loved a man whom they can respect and build on a pedestal. Most Sagittarius is expensive name. Some of them like to magnify them and worshiped them.
       They do not forgive betrayal, but doing everything to avoid a scandal, others do not like to be bound by and prefer marriage free love or compete with men for the affection of another woman.
       And men and women prefer a partner, evolved from the environment. Man is not just another social environment, but also of another race or religion or any other country to which they are happy to move and live even in exile, but prerogative voluntary "foreign."

       Sagittarius is happy in marriage, friendship and dealings with Gemini, Aries, Aquarius, Libra and lions. They are always seeking to avoid Virgo.

Sagittarius Man in Love

      Man in love is less than others to romance and love. Sagittarius are good-natured and sociable. In love they are sincere and believe in the best quality people, are rarely the owners and jealous. For Sagittarius unhappy marriages are a rarity. Wife Sagittarius may be incorrect, but always a loyal friend and a friend, a good, hospitable hostess, happy only when she has freedom. It should not be jealous husband. Sagittarius man does a lot, but they have a high demand.

       Love for Sagittarius is important sincerity. Partner, whom is always looking for must be congenial and even ready for this neglect external qualities of man. But he rarely finds what he aspires to. This is due to the fact that the head of Sagittarius since childhood formed the ideal from which Sagittarius is unwilling to retreat, even in small things.
      Sagittarius likes extraordinary personalities, real originals, which will stand out from the crowd. In love they are looking for a storm of feelings and emotions. For them, love - is an endless romance and beauty. It is best to marry with Leo or Aries.

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