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Scorpio Horoscope - Personality Profile

October 24 - November 21. Planet: Mars and Pluto.
Characteristics of the zodiac sign: The eighth sign of the Zodiac.
Lucky number: 9 and all numbers divisible by 9. Stones: topaz,
and the moon crystal. Astrological Symbol: Scorpio and Eagle.
Colors: scarlet, crimson, blood red, and all the fiery colors.

Scorpio Characteristics

      Scorpios are very emotional, they need love, they crave it, they ask it, love for them - is a vital fuel. Astrologers are unanimous that the Scorpion - the sexiest sign of the zodiac.

Scorpio Traits

Positive features:
      People of this sign are always faithful in spirit, even if they admit extramarital affair. This loyalty extends to selected friends, which they do not have much, but from which they require the same fidelity.
      In his house Scorpions create "a protective atmosphere, as if the generals guarding the fortress of Mars from around the world. Scorpions - excellent supply vessels in the family, they are very clever in business. Women of this sign often occupy leading positions. Scorpions - great parents, although a bit harsh and demanding.
      They will work tirelessly in any job, and they are usually punctual.

Negative features:
      Extreme jealousy and possessiveness as the distinctive features of Scorpio, especially - women. This is usually the wife, like detectives, who must know the location of a spouse at any time.
      Scorpions retain a sense of resentment for many years after a quarrel - hell, unworthy of them. It has already been told that they are not always best friends, if they do not want this. But, of course, they can easily become bitter enemies. They are very vindictive and unforgiving when they offended.

Characteristics profile of a man (personality traits):
      Scorpio man is temperamental, capable of the most bizarre acts. He is an artist by nature. Excellent sexual partners, Scorpio man refers to sex as a sport, but the greatest value to him is personal freedom. Partners Scorpio chooses always equals, free and independent.
      It is interesting not so much the fact of victory, as the process of the game. However, women rarely take offense to the Scorpion. As a husband, a representative of the zodiac is difficult to imagine. They very often remain bachelors.

Traits and characteristics of a woman (personality profile):
      Scorpio woman has a very strong sexuality of all the zodiac signs. Her passion is boundless, and often all the actions of only one goal: to satisfy her. Scorpio woman is energetic, intelligent, beautiful, usually in the early acquires an erotic experience.

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