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Compatibility reports with: Aquarius, Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Libra, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Cancer, Pisces.
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Taurus compatibility with the various zodiac signs

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      Compatibility with Aries: They are two different personalities. Taurus doesn’t like to be hurried, dampen enthusiasm of Aries, which is prone to more impulsive pleasures of sex. A Taurus is not the evolution of sensory imagination, and if the Aries will rely on emotions, then Taurus will be difficult to answer. Relationships can be hot, but the marriage Taurus must learn to ignore the sometimes infidelity Aries.

      Compatibility with Taurus: They are not always sexually compatible. She is sentimental in love, a man more earthly nature. Taurus man prefers rather the company of other men. He loves to run after women. Taurus - woman makes no fraud or neglects. Relationships can and should be pleasant, but the fate of marriage can only be guesswork.

      Compatibility with Gemini: Gemini is dual, changeable, and diverse opposite the constancy of Taurus. Taurus attracts artistry and richness of imagination Gemini. Reticence of Taurus is interested in Gemini. However, Gemini annoying slows response Taurus and his clumsy, amateur caresses. Colorless relationships are better prospects for marriage.

      Compatibility with Cancer: Cancer Taurus seems romantic, satisfying a partner. The stability of Taurus will not be shaken by a volatile temper of Cancer, and the constancy of their aspirations provides a reliable basis for delaying initiation of sexual relations. Both have a strong desire for a passionate, emotional life. If the physical side is responding to them, it would be acceptable relationships and, perhaps, a happy marriage.

      Compatibility with Leo: Taurus will have to deal with the complex of greatness in Leo. Leo thinks natural to occupy a central place in the life of a lover. Leo vitality and responsive; Taurus tends to show restraint and selfishness. In the field of sexual problems are foreseen, but this Leo has set the pace and mood. It is hard to appease the Leo, and this may complicate the relationship, and if you think of the long term, this is a very bad combination.

      Compatibility with Virgo: The Taurus is more developed physical beginning, and it can be irritated the Puritan tendencies of the Virgin. Making love, Virgo prefers a simple path and possibly avoids excesses. Taurus is not against simplicity, but their untiring in sex may disturb the Virgin. In addition, there are a few problems. Good relationships: happy marriage is possible. But calls for compromise in the area of sex.

      Compatibility with Libra: Libra will bring in their sex lives greater share of emotional warmth and understanding needed to analyze and address all the physical problems. Libra will try to excite and satisfy the partner. Taurus is also persistent, so the chances for mutual satisfaction in this area are good. Taurus can play a leading role in the bedroom. Relationships are "cute", and possible a good, long-term alliance.

      Compatibility with Scorpio: They are equally the development of sexual appetite. Moreover, none of them feels the need for foreign relations. In the stimulation of Taurus can be stubborn, and anger Scorpion if anger, to fear all the signs of the zodiac. Expected relationship, full of storms, and marriage is possible only with extraordinary tolerance.

      Compatibility with Sagittarius: The danger is that the Taurus will try to "take under control" freedom-loving Sagittarius. It is useless. Very sexy Taurus will be pleased with sensual Sagittarius, but it annoyed their desire to seek love, wherever possible. They will be good together, but carefree Sagittarius usually much better lover.

      Compatibility with Capricorn: Here there is an equal sexual desire. None of them did seek an unrestrained, pretentious sex. Taurus does not like a natural tendency to Capricorn hide their expectations. And, accordingly, Capricorn reacts negatively to attempts on Taurus. Their relationship will not be "romantic", but they are capable of sensual love and good, long-term partnership.

      Compatibility with Aquarius: Aquarius is prone to introspection, not as interested in the physical side of love as the Taurus. Aquarius prefers intellectual relationships, but this type of love does not satisfy the sensual Taurus. On the other hand, Taurus will be submitted Aquarius too demanding. However, Aquarians like to learn techniques of sex, and this may inspire him. Random relationships, marriage is unpromising.

      Compatibility with Pisces: Pisces have an unpredictable temperament in a sexual context. Taurus may be difficult to cope with it. Helping Pisces in their fantasies, tactfully and firmly encouraging them, persistent Taurus can achieve. The success of sexual harmony depends on the Taurus. Good prospects for passionate connection and for a satisfactory marriage.


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