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Taurus Horoscope - Personality Profile

April 21 - May 21. Astrological symbol: Bull.
Characteristics of the zodiac sign: The second sign of the Zodiac.
Planet: Venus. Stones: opal, diamond, moonstone.
Lucky number: 6, and all numbers divisible by 6.
Colors: all evening colors - white, lime, purple and green.

Characteristics of Taurus

      Sign of determination of force. As a sign of the Earth, it is intended to deal with material things. He tries to master the practical side of life, seeking to seize material values. He appreciates comfort, contentment, pleasure; satisfy their needs and taurus is seeking to spare no energy. Taurus make sure that nothing stood in his way.
      Dual influence of Venus and the moon causes the sensitivity and sentimentality, which gives Taurus calm and confident. Taurus likes discreet but well-cut clothes, rich silk and wool, collars and ties, like perfume with a delicate fragrance. Keeps clothes for long, drawn to the same style, if Taurus consider that the latter suits him.
      Most of bulls can not resist the arts, music and, above all, they are lured by the human body. Taurus is usually passionate lovers. Astrologers often say that the Scorpio, a sign opposite Taurus, insatiable partner, but I think that Taurus Scorpio exceeds their insatiable during sex. Main difference between them lies in the fact that the intellect of Scorpio often causes him to forget about the sex attraction, in order to achieve success in any other areas, but the Taurus has such an excess of power.

Taurus Traits

Characteristics profile of a man (personality traits):
      Taurus men are often gentle, kind. But they do not take this lack of temperament and do not wave red rag to a bull. It is difficult to make angry, even more difficult to identify their internal antagonism, but if they are realy angry, then they become a real "bull in a china shop", ready to destroy everything that gets in the eyes.
      He is jealous, but believes it is his weakness. They are completely independent and relies only on his own experience - all sorts of tricks on the women he does not act, he is smart enough and shrewd. Intuition Taurus usually brings - marriage is often happy and long.

Traits and characteristics of a woman (personality profile):
      Taurus woman is charming, whimsical and sophisticated; it tends to surround herself with better men. Often, the representative of the zodiac is not particularly care about search of one partner for long relationship - men seeking intimacy with her, because she - a wonderful partner, capable to present a refined sensual enjoyment.
      However, men who are next to her, usually understood that the relationship is short-lived.

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