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Taurus Love Horoscope

      Taurus dream of love, fall in love long before the first lover. When this happens, they need time to wake up, open up the reality of the other person, while their identity will be the object of love. Passion, even in later life did not arise suddenly, but grows slowly and imperceptibly, but when feelings begin to speak, there are no more sensual zodiac sign. Feelings and wishes are same thing for Taurus.
      They have full passion: he goes to the end, whether sweet or bitter to this end. In love, Taurus can not be stopped any criticism, no inconvenience or discomfort. Although in other respects, Taurus is more practical.
       The sensitivity of the Taurus is above the sexual act, it is visible in everything that belongs to the man she loved: clothes, complexion, smell, tone of voice. Love Taurus fraught intimacy and isolation of the desert island in the sunlight, warm mysticism and dark cave. It was deeply touching, tender, not complicated, and nothing lasts long.
       They want to possess their lover and belong to them until the end. If you do not actually conform to the ideal, Taurus passes through the hell of jealousy, sadness, do not want any reconciliation and distractions; sometimes it may even die because of a broken heart. May fall into another extreme - «alcoholism, philandering, gluttony, but it is relatively rare.
       Taurus woman can be the most horrible old maids, though Taurus man in general, is warmer, more thoughtful. They are loyal lovers, though the owners, they like to ensure all needs and to surround their chosen luxury. In doing so, they may even run down, but they do not compete with men for the affection of his beloved, do not share it with others, not compromise, do not forget and not forgive the betrayals and deceptions.
       Taurus man combines his composure and prudence with romance and sentimentality. They tend to dominate in the family, and, quietly submitting to the requirements of the Chief of the workplace, will ignore the request of his wife with his usual stubbornness.
       Taurus women want to worship and wait for the lovers of the evidence of their senses. Convinced of feelings are balanced, affectionate and lively and happy to indulge a man in different ways. Usually, they know how to keep men. Both men and women attach great importance to the physiological aspects of love relationships and do not tolerate frigid partner.
       A romance with Taurus is entanglement, retraction sometimes in a quandary. Marriage to a Taurean dismisses the possibility of divorce, and is designed for harmony. Taurus thrives in harmony of family life, can not bear quarrels may be a little dictators in relation to children. If Taurus is jealous overcomes proprietary string, there is no ideal lover.

Taurus Man in Love

      Man in love is who has a sweet tooth and love for him is one of the delicacies. So the Taurus man in love is gourmet. But this does not prevent him from being quite rational. Seeing someone, he does not rush immediately to the attack, and initially sizing, weighing and calculating everything.
       With a target "object", he literally would not be reduced eye catching and noticing all his habits, preferences and weaknesses. "Led by community" he can fairly long, but as the only "plan to capture" will be ready, proceed to the siege. "Military action" he would deal with all the rules "melee." In attending is all of the flowers and gifts, to the limousine from the restaurant to the house.
      If you have noticed that on your way constantly meets pomaded, impeccably dressed with a Taurus, you can be sure he put it on your eyes. While attending to you, he would spare no money, but the intensity of the rain of the gifts depends on what he wants from you.
       Always remember that Taurus is the money to the wind does not throw, he puts them. And the head of love will never lose, as if it did not look outwardly. Love makes the Taurus quite a visionary, so hard to deceive him.

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