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Virgo Horoscope - Personality Profile

August 23 - September 23
Characteristics of the zodiac sign: The sixth sign of the Zodiac.
Planet: Mercury. Stones: jasper, agate, topaz and emerald.
Lucky Number: 5 and all the numbers divisible by 5.
Astrological symbol: Virgo. Colors: light blue, white and green.

Virgo Characteristics

      People sign of Virgo have highly developed analytical mind, all the time trying to reduce everything to their basic needs and stick labels to everything that they see. They have an acute sense of taste, time, hearing and smell. They are often immersed in the work. Yes, the work - is the god of the Virgin. They thrive in the logic, consistency and discipline.
      Unlike other characters as air Gemini, Virgo is not so easily loses his temper. She was much closed, and perhaps excessively cautious. Most people of sign the Virgin are the highest degree of independence and believe that self-confidence and self-esteem give a happiness and peace of mind.
      Their behavior is dominated by their intellectual interests. Their "haven" exists only in the mind, in its mysteries and achievements.

Virgo Traits

Positive features:
      Now, you can make a compliment to our virgins, because they accept with humility. They have many features worthy of admiration: they are logical, sensible and systematic people, but rather more intellectual than emotional, more practical than sentimental. They can take on more responsibility.
      In relationships with friends they are not very generous, not very sympathetic and cordial, consistent and give sincere advice. Children of Mercury can be interesting and multilateral, although with changeable moods: sometimes hot, then cold, and sometimes their actions can not predict.
      People sign of Virgo is not very sociable, but have sufficient intelligence to understand that this money is valuable and helps them to relax and give more self-confidence.

Negative features:
      People sign of Virgo, being able to well understand people should not become intellectual snobs. Their ruling planet Mercury gives their analytical abilities, but they should not be too critical of the people. Not all endure harsh criticism.
      Since Virgin passionately attracted to work, they can become slaves to it, and deny the family, friends and fun, which empties them physically and mentally. They can be admiring for their constant struggle for perfection, but they do not have to pay attention to details and pass the more important matters.

Characteristics profile of a man (personality traits):
      Virgo man is calm, rational, reliable, thoughtful, and considerate. He was a prosperous man, nice, smart; he always has money and most expensive car. It knows how to adapt, friends like him. He has a good sense of humor and be able to make you laugh even when you have dimmed with tears.
      His will is so strong that he could easily translate into reality all of their dreams. However, there is a negative feature in his character. Man-virgin is nervous, irritable, and selfish.

Traits and characteristics of a woman (personality profile):
      Virgo woman is a model of diligence, loyalty and reliability, precision and accuracy. They are valued at work, respected and cherished by them, doing everything just to hold them in place of service or employment.

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