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Virgo Love Horoscope

      Virgin has no natural instinct to do anything. If their heart is caught, they retreat, go into hiding to think about. They hate and fear the unknown and all expectations. Some Virgins fear that bearing children will deprive them of femininity and attractiveness. Others become mothers, tied to the children and give up their independence. Passion seems Virgin sickness of the soul, which the mind must be cured.

       They analyze their feelings, trying to minimize them with reason, doubt, debate, ridicule, while being bound stronger than they think. Virgo is burning ice, they do not give vent to their feelings and love, proving deeds more than words.

       Tenderness takes the form of humiliation, swearing loyalty; do not expect the same in return. And they keep their word. They are counting on the relationship, where the main emphasis on moral honesty, purity, chastity profound, affection. If they can not have this, you will prefer solitude.

       No sign have so number of bachelors and spinsters, isolated in the tower of criticism. The greatest difficulties are encountered in the first stage of relations. Virgin shackled or feel awkward when you have to understand others, what feelings they feed, sometimes missing their opportunities, returned home alone, tormented by passionate desires, or retire to the level of ordinary common relationships that bring them indifferent, but calm, giving each partner luggage alone, leads them to a deep stagnation.
      In the later days of life they suddenly explode all for one incredible passion. Virgo has the largest percentage of stops, delay at the last minute: almost done, stop.

       Lover of the Virgin is divided into 3 categories: the lucky type combines business with pleasure, it is fascinating to even the nature of man, who loves to cook and do housework. Women in this category are affectionate, lively, loyal and serves coffee in bed. «Temperate type» can be cold to latent impotence, he Puritan, awkward novice, fantasizing in solitude, interrupted short-term adventures.

       A woman of this type can be dissident, make a monument to the virtues of solitude, or turning the lives around the camp and drill at home. The third type allows sex to dictate her rules, has the adventure for adventure, the heart while was silent. Women of this type may begin as a Lolita and finish a nymphomaniac in a nun's habit.

       It is favorable alliance with Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer. Avoid Aries, Sagittarius.

Virgo Man in Love

      Man in love is elegant, refined man, who, unlike others, does not go through life ahead. They'll never get to conquer a woman, then to leave her.
      In romantic relationships Virgo man soon manifests timidity and refuses to make contact, not thinking, "recklessly". He is quite reasonable, intelligent and educated man, so do not put on an act in front of him and not pretends that what you really are. He has a peculiar talent observer and analyst, and this virtually eliminates the erroneous assessment.
      Therefore, woman can afford the luxury of being herself. In his heart he does not believe in the existence of ideals, and it is understandable that he would prefer to see next is not the fairy, which everyone looks, and common woman. The woman, who loves to always be in the spotlight, is absolutely not designed for a virgin man. Most likely she will not be able to find common language with him, and without this it is difficult to rely on the seriousness of feelings and strong relationships.

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